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(Contains: sexual themes)
Not very long later, all three captives were in the kitchen, in chairs beside the table, their arms, still bound, pulled behind the chair backs and wrapped around with rope to hold them there.

Emily leaned across the table, a spoon in her hand; she slipped it down into the bowl before Sakura, then raised th spoon to her wide-open mouth, and slipped it through her lips.

Sakura moaned joyfully as she tasted the ice cream, running her tongue over the hard metal spoon, licking off every drop of the dark chocolate ice cream that melted swiftly in her warm wet mouth.

Emily withdrew the spoon and turned to Lucy, feeding her a spoonful of vanilla ice cream, doused in chocolate sauce. “So, girls,” she said cheerfully. “Isn’t this better than a whipping?”

“Ng-hnng!” Susan, last in line moans, nodding quickly; the other two agree with her strongly.

“I’m glad,” Emily said with a smile. “I guess spending the weekend as my maids won’t be too bad, then, will it?”

“Nnhng!” Sakura cried out, shaking her head in denial. She pulled at her bonds, cring out angrily through her gag.

“Ung-hng!” Susan grunted negatively, shaking her head to set her braid to flying, no more eager to be a maid than Sakura.

“Nhng!” Lucy whimpered pleadingly.

Emily laughed. “Oh, don’t worry, girls!” she said with a chuckle. “I’m just kidding!

“Or am I?” she added ominously.
Emily And Sakura And Friends, Part 8 (EaS-11)

Commissioned by britwit and shown here with his kind permission.

If you like this story, you can see more here in my gallery:…

The series is a spin-off of my long-running Emily Series:…

Please tell me what you think: comments are my power source.

I do take requests(if I like them) trades and commissions.

Disclaimer: I do not condone violence against women, nor subscribe to or support any theory that women are inferior to men. All characters in this story are adults, and fictional.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Emily led Lucy out into the living room, her ballgag replaced with a wide ring gag that slid behind her teeth, forcing her mouth wide open; as she stumbled blindly behind her mistress, a long stream of saliva slid out from the little sub’s open mouth and trailed down to her naked breasts.

She was still blindfolded, because otherwise she would see what waited in the living room and know what was in store for her, and Emily preferred it to be a surprise; Lucy froze in the doorway, fearful, ignorant, blind, “Ungh?” she moaned questioningly.

“Come on!” Emily snapped: she had taken Lucy’s noose down from the ceiling and now held the long trailing rope in her hand like a leash. She gave it a tug, and Lucy whimpered, and followed after her.

Susan and Sakura lay on the floor of the living room, both completely naked, both hogtied with their tight bodies bent into back-breaking bows by the thick ropes.

They lay on their bellies, their breasts crushed beneath them, whimpering helplessly through wide ring gags, still blindfolded, arms bound together behind their backs at wrist and elbow, their elbows touching, pulling their shoulders back, forcing their breasts further out - until Emily tilted htem over onto their bellies, and now their breasts simply ached, lying in a pool of drool from each girl’s mouth.

Emily stopped Lucy in place, then took her skintight shorts by the waistband and pulled them down.

“Nuh!” Lucy moaned, shaking her head as Emily pulled her shorts down her lean legs to her feet, but there was nothing she could do to stop Emily pulling them off.

Emily stood again and laid a hand on Lucy’s shoulder. “Down!” she snapped, forcing the sub down to her knees, then pressed her down onto her belly on the floor.

Lucy lay down, moaning helplessly as she felt her own saliva pool on the floor beneath her, feeling cold on her naked sensitive skin.

Emily grabbed up a piece of rope and crouched beside Lucy where she lay; Emily doubled the rope over and slid it around Lucy’s elbows. Lucy moaned as Emily pulled the rope taut, forcing her elbows together until they touched. Lucy whimpered, her voice an echo of Sakura’s and Susan’s, as Emily bound the rope off, cinching it tightly before tying it.

Another rope was bound around her ankles, then Emily looped it through her wrist bonds and pulled hard on it, forcing Lucy’s legs up; she pulled hard on the rope, forcing Lucy’s feet closer and closer to her hands. Emily slid her leg beneath Lucy’s bound thighs and heaved hard on them, bending Lucy’s body into a bow as tight as the others’; holding her like that, Emily bound the rope off, then slid her leg away. Lucy whimpered as her tight hogtie took her weight, the rough ropes squeezing her small body like in a vice.

Heaving a deep breathy, Emily stood to her feet and look around; her three captives helplessly squirmed in their bonds, whimpering and moaning, pleading indecipherably for release.

Emily grinned. She would give them release, all right, but not the kind they wanted.

She grabbed Lucy and slid her aover onto her left side, then turned her so she faced the other two, her pale belly and small breasts displayed.

She turned to Susan, turned her to face the right way, ignoring her soft grunts as Emily grabbed her by the hogtie rope, the ropes tightening around her, then shoved Susan over onto her left side, her head only a few inches from Lucy’s soaked and naked pussy, though blindfolded as she was, Susan could not see it.

Emily moved to Sakura last, and turned the little nisei like she had the others, shoving her over onto her side, hertiny breasts and tight belly displayed for Emily’s delight. She had to take a moment to stare, almost entranced, at the sight of Sakura’s little body, naked and wrapped in merciless rope.

Then Emily shook herself out of it; her three captives all lay on their sides, their wide-open ring gagged lips inches from anothers’ bare pussy, each of them lying with her own bare pussy inches from another’s hot wet tongue.

Emily reached down and placed her hands on Sakura, on her shoulder and side. “Nghhh. . .” Sakura moaned helplessly under Emily’s possessive touch. Smiling, Emily pushed her over the few inches to put her forced-open lips to press against Susan’s swollen pussy.

“Hng!” Sakura grunted, her voice cut off by the hot soft flesh of Susan’s womanhood.

“Nhnnn!” Susan moaned, raising her head, her many braids waving as Sakura’s hot lips and tongue pressed against her slit.

Emily grabbed hold of Susan’s braids and pulled up on them, making her moan again, adjusting the position of her head. Leaving her there, Emily turned back to Lucy; without further ado, Emily drakkd Lucy the few inches over, forcing her pussy into Susan’s face, and pressing her gasping mouth between Sakura’s creamy thighs.

“Mhmmm!” Sakura moaned, her voice muffled by Susan’s hot flesh.

Susan trembled as Sakura’s voice vibrated through her pussy.

Emily grabbed up a long whipe and held it loosely in her hand. “Listen good, now, little bitches!” she said with a smile. “The first one to climax will get whipped, and spend the whole weekend as my slave! So if you don’t want to spend your weekend in a maid’s costume, cleaning the bathroom floor with your tongue, you’d better get moving with those tongues now, girls!”

All three captives struggled to move away from the others, but the tight ropes gave them no option; Sakura groaned as Lucy slid her tongue inside of her, running a hot wet tongue through her slit, sliding it over th little nub of her clit.

Sakura trembled, then thrust her own tongue into Susan’s pussy; Susan cried out, then licked at Lucy’s pussy’ Lucy uttered a helpless whine, then redoubleed her assault on Sakura’s pussy.

Emily sat bck on the sofa, her legs crossed daintily, watching with a smile as her three helpless captives competed with each other to make the others come first: sweat broke out on their naked skins, they trembled and moaned, their muffled voices rising into cries, then screams of pleasure; they struggled, against their ropes and against the others’ lips and tongues until finally, Sakura couldn’t resist it any more, and her muffled voice rose to an ear-splitting screech as Lucy drove her tongue against her clit with undeniable force; an instant later Susan was overcome and came with a tremendous cry, the vibrations of her own voice running through Lucy’s pussy, driving her to a helpless scream of pleasure as she came.

Their contest over, the three captives collapsed to lie still, still pressed together, each exhausted girl could feel the other’s breath on her sweat-sheaned naked skin.

Emily applauded. “Good show, girls!” she cheered. “I’m sure we’ll have to do this again over the weekend!’

“HNNNG?!” Lucy and Susan screamed, in outrage, even louder than they had when they’d cum.

“I said that the first to climax would be whipped and spend the weekend as my maid; I never said what would happen to the other two of you!” Emily said reasonably.

Her captives didn’t appreciate her reasoning: they squirmed and struggled in the tight ropes she’d laid on them, moaning and crying through their gags, shaking their heads helplessly, crying pitiably.

“All right, all right!” Emily said, throwing up her hands. “I won’t whip you all!” She heaved a sigh. “Now, let’s find a good use for those mouths of yours!”
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Emily returned to Lucy, easing the bedroom door open, then slipping quietly through.

Locked in her own private misery, there was no way Lucy could hear. “Mhmmm!” she moaned helplessly through her gag; her skin gleamed with sweat, her skin-tight shorts were soaked and almost transparent, but stained with arousal as well as with perspiration. “Mhmmm. . .” she moaned, a soft whimpered counterpoint to the ongoing buzzing from her pussy; she squirmed as much as she could in her tight bonds, the taut noose forcing her to stand straight “Mhm!” she cried, tears of frustration slipping out from beneath her blindfold as her hips twitched, rolling from side to side as she struggled to come.

Her boots quiet on the soft carpet, Emily walked around behind Lucy, then spread her arms wide and wrapped them around the  squirming, moaning captive.

“Mhmph!” Lucy cried, jumping in surprise as Emily’s arms closed around her, her hands coming to rest on Lucy’s breasts.

“Aw, poor girl,” Emily crooned in Lucy’s ear, gently kneading her breasts. “You can’t cum, can you?”

“Mhm-hmm!” Lucy cried, shaking her head, her hips gyrated, her thighs squeezed together as the soft flesh of her breasts was squeezed between Emily’s fingers.

“I’ll help you with that!” Emily promised softly, then let go of Lucy.

“Mhmm?” Lucy moaned as Emly stepped away. “Mhmph!?” this did not seem like helping to her!

Emily walked over to where the end of the rope was secured to the wall; she grabbe the rope withon hand and held it taut while she untied t from the wall with th other. She cast a look and a smile over her shoulder at Lucy, once more squirming helplessly, whimpering and moaning and crying as she tried to cum, the cnostant buzzing of the vibrator filling her pussy, her ears, her mind, mocking, holding her ever so close tocumming but never letting her cross the threshold. Still smiling, Emily pulled on the rope.

“Hgmph!” Lucy choked as the noose tightened aorund her delicate neck. Trembling, she rose up onto her toes as the noose rose, and Emily bound it there.

Theblonde domme retured to the Korean captive, and Emily ran her eyes possessively over her little sub: Lucy’s legs tembled as she struggled for balance on her toes, her cries and moans rising higher as her her helpless state, her peril, only grew worse. “Hmmph!” she cried out through her gag, her nipples standing out  hard and erect.

Her lips pursed in a cruel smile, Emily reached out and grabbed those invitingly hard nipples and gave them a twist.

“Mhmmm!” Lucy cried, shaking her head.

“You don’t like pain, do you?” Emily said, releasing her nipples.

“Mhm-hmm!” Lucy whimpered, shaking her head, her face turning red.

“It’s peril you get off on, isn’t it, bitch?” Emily said, walking around Lucy.

“Mhmm-hmm!” Lucy moaned with a nod, her toes scrabbling as she struggled to stay erect.

With a cruel grin, Emily reached downand grabbed Lucy’s right leg. “The peril this!” she said, and jerked it away.

“HGNMPH!!!” Lucy screamed as half her balace was torn away; Emily pulled her foot up to her thigh and swiftly bound it in place, then stepped away to watch the show.

Lucy swayed on her one foot, struggling for balance, her nstrils flared, her breasts rising and falling sharply. “Mhmm!” she cried out, her breath quickening as she fought not to hang. She shuddered, her whole body quivering, as her peril gave her that tiny added impetus, sending her over the edge. “MhHMMM!” she screeamed as she came, dropping off of her toes, the noose pulling tight around her neck; Lucy danced a helpless jig as she came, gagging and crying as she hanged and came at the same time.

Emily stepped up to Lucy and wrapped her arms around her, pulling her naked body against her; Emily steading Lucy’s body, holding her steady soe she could get her foot under her again; Lucy gasped for breath, a horrible wheeze, but Emily pulled her close, grabbing at her breasts again.

But Lucy wasn’t done yet: she gave out a weak cry as Emily’s fingers tightened around her breasts, her body shivering as pleasure and peril still ran through her, sending her over the edge of climax a second time.

Emily held her close while she trembled and cried. ”Good girl!” she crooned. She turned Lucy about to face her, still holding her up; their naked breasts pressed against each other, their hard nipples brushing each other as Emily leaned close and kissed Lucy on her gagged lips. “Lovely girl!” she said softly, lovingly.

“Mhmm. . .” Lucy moaned, returning the kiss as best as she could with her gagged lips.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Sakura sat on the couch, trembling in her bonds as Emily walked back out. She swaggered up behind the sofa and placed her hands possessively on Sakura’s shoulder. She leaned down, putting her lips to Sakura’s ear.

The little nisei shivered as Emaily’s hot breath blew across her tan skin.

“Now it’s your turn,” Emily whispered in her ear.

Emily took Sakura by her bound arms and pulled her down off of the sofa, laying her on her belly on the floor.

Sakura groaned as her breasts were squished beneath her; she lay submissively still as Emily took a rope and tied it around her left wrist, below the rope binding her wrists together. Then Emily lifted Sakura’s midsection up and slipped the rope underneath her, pulling the rope length taut and binding the other end to the sofa leg.

Emily took a secomd rope and tied it to Sakura’s right wrist, likewise below the wrist bindings, then tossed the other end aside.

Emily straddled Sakura’s body, reachign down withher left hand to wrap her fingers in Sakura’s long ebony hair. “So,” she said conversationally, pulling the captive’s head back. “You’re not going to give me any trouble, right?”

“Mhm-hmm!” Sakura moaned, nodding her head as well as she could.

“Good girl!” Emily said, then released Sakura’s hair and began to untie the rope around Sakura’s upper arms.

Sakura moaned softly as the tight breast harness was released, loosening its hold around her upper arms, relinquishing the tight grip around her breasts.

Emily shook the ropes away, then reached down to Sakura’s wrists. She untied the rope, then clambered off of Sakura.

Sakura saw a chance and siezed it: she pulled her hands apart, pushing herself up, struggling against her remaining bonds.

But Emily deftly grabbed the rope tied to Sakura’s right wrist, then hauled hard on it, walking away from Sakura.

“Mhmph!” Sakura squealed as her arms were pulled in opposite directions: she was pulled on hard, then flipped over onto her back, her left hand pulled straight toward the sofa, her right pulled on hard by Emily who drew the rope tight as she walked to the far wall.

Emily bound the end of the rope there, then walked calmly back to Sakura. “bad girl!” she admonished the helpless captive. “You said you wouldn’t cause me any trouble!”

“Mhmmm,” Sakura moaned, turning her head blindly toward Emily.

Emily sat on Sakura’s belly, her thighs straddling Sakura’s sides. She reached down to Sakura’s breasts and placed her hands on them, her fingers gently squeezing them, pinching Sakura’s soft flesh. “Ah, don’t worry too much, girl,” she said with a grin Sakura could’t see. “You’re gonna like this next bit!”

“Mhmmph?” Sakura gurgled.

“Oh, yes!” Emily laughed.

The Domme stood to her feet and walked over to the table where she picked up a hitachi wand and came to stand over Sakura once more. Sakura lay as if crucified, her arms straight out to the sides, her legs bound together at knee and ankle, her mouth filled by a ballgag, her eyes blindfolded, ignorant and helpless against her captor’s intentions.

Emily knelt down by Sakura’s head, her knees spread, her thighs resting to either side of Sakura’s head. Holding the wand in her right hand, Emily reached down with her left and carefully undid Sakura’s ballgag.

“Ah!” Sakura gasped as the rubber ball came free of her mouth. “What are you-MMPH!” her protest was muffled to a murmur as Eily’s pussy settled over her lips.

“Now, now,” Emily said with a chuckle. “Don’t be foolish, and put that tongue of yours to some good use!”

Sakura opened her mouth wide, pressing her lips to Emily’s pussy, and slid her tongue out, slipping it through the folds of Emily’s slit. She moaned softly as she ran her tongue through Emikly’s pussy, easily finding the hard little nub of her clit; she felt Emily shiver as she ran her tongue over Emily’s clit, then a familiar buzz came to her ears as Emily activated the wand.

Her breath coming hard as Sakura licked her below, Emily leaned down, holding out the buzzing wand to press it to Sakura’s damp pussy; thebound girl shuddered as the vibrating head of the wand contacted her soft swollen flesh.

“Mhmm!” Sakura moaned, redoubling her efforts with her tongue, making Emily gasp with pleasure.

‘Oh, yes!” she gasped, arching her back, Sakura driving her tongue against her clit. “Oh! Good-!” Emily never finished the thought, her cry ending in a whimper.

Sakura shuddered, her bare breasts swaying as she struggled beneath Emily’s naked weight. “Mhmm!”

“Ahhh!” Emily cried out, her full breasts swaying as Sakura drove her tongue ever harder into her, sucking at Emily’s juices as she wound her tongue about, driving pleasure into her mistress’ nethers, making her squirm and moan even as Emily ground the buzzing wand against Sakura’s pussy, making her cry with helpless pleasure into Emily’s pussy.

“MmmMMMM!” Sakura’s muffled voice rose shrill and loud, her whole body shuddering, sweat sheening her naked skin; she screamed shrilly, her bound legs kicking as Emily ground the wand into her, forcing her up to a stormy climax.

Sakura’s tongue returne the favour, making Emily squirm atop her lips. “Mhmm!” she moaned. “Oooh! Oh, God, yes!” Her voice rose louder and higher, losing words, an inarticulate cry of pleasure as she came.

Emily collapsed atop of Sakura and threw the wand aside. She turned to lie with her naked body presses against Sakura’s wrapping her amrs around Sakura, rubbing their naked skin together; Emily rubbed Sakura’s breast to make her moan, then presed her lips to Sakura’s to cut off her voice.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
I'd love to take you out with me into the woods - they are lovely this time of year, with soft green grass and fields carpeted in wildflowers.

I'd take you out to the top of a hill I know and lay out a blanket on the soft grass and lay out a picnic lunch.

I would tie your hands together behind your back, then pull you into my lap - I would wrap you in my arms to keep you warm and shield you from the cool breeze. I'd hold you close and kiss you  on the neck and nibble at your ears, and I would feed you by hand, slipping each succulent morsel into your soft lips.

And when the food was gone, I'd lay you down on the soft grass, I would lie beside you and hold you close and kiss you on your sweet lips, I would hold you close and make you moan and cry with pleasure.

If I had you to be my kitten.
Naughty Little Kitten
Dedicated to a Naughty, Lovely, Kitten I met quite recently.

I suppose this might come off as creepy - writing something like this to some I hardly know; I hope it doesn't, but I'll take it down if it does.


John Mahler
I am a 'serious' writer, trying to get my serious work published. I also like to write pornography, particularly BDSM.

Well, some people watch my other account for the porn, while others watch me for my 'serious' literature, so I decided to make this new account for my porn.

I do commissions, trades, and requests(if I think they're interesting).

Current Residence: Israel
Favourite genre of music: Practically Anything
MP3 player of choice: iPod mini
Shell of choice: Conch
Skin of choice: Freckled
I know I said last that I was working on my next CYOA story, but I've been wrestling with this question for a long time, and I finally accepted the fact I knew all along, and I'll be posting all new Emily Series stories in this account and moving all Emily stories in my other account J-B-Hickock to here.

A spin-off, right; britwit is a great person, and I really like working with him; he commissioned stories of Emily and his OC Sakura, together, and they grew into a spin-off of the main series; I posted a few stories in my other account, and now I've moved them all here, along with a few new ones.

Where is the CYOA now? I really don't know: after four months of no commissions, I've suddenly got lots, so I'm kinda stressed and time for working on what people aren't paying me for is kinda scarce.

And I published a novel: with BondagePublishing you can buy it here:… (please do; making rent is hard right now)

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