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“Eeeep!” Zoe cried as I grabbed her from behind. Standing 5’6’’, I easily overbore her and pulled her to the floor. just back from the beach, she was still in her blood red bikini, her fiery red hair falling across her shoulders and down to her mid-back in flowing scarlet waves that caught the light in a most fascinating way as she walked into her apartment.

Of course, she expected me, but not quite in that way; as I pulled her hands together behind her, she struggled beneath me, brushing her sweet ass against me as she did so in a very distracting way.

But I didn’t let thast stop me: I pulled her hands together in the small of her back just above her barely-covered ass and wrapped a strap about her wrists, pressing velcro strips together to hold it tight.

“H-h-hey!” Zoe cried out, laughing. “You weren’t supposed to be here ye-MMPH!” her protest cut off in a mumble as I forced a ballgag into her open mouth. I pressed the red(of course) ball deep behind her teeth, then pulled the straps behind her head and buckled them shut in the back of her neck.

I grabbed her by the shoulder and her bound arms and turned her over onto her back and bound arms. She glared up at me angrily, but the corners of her mouth crinkled into a smile around the ballgag. That’s what is so loveable about that tart, hot redhead: she can find fun for herself in anything, really. Especially in bondage.

But that didn’t mean she was bout to surrender without a fight: oh, no! She kicked her legs, twisted her body beneath me, struggled and pulled at the strap, grunting past her gag like a woman possessed.

I took my sweet time with her, enjoying the sight of her, the feel of her hot body, still gleaming from her little dip in the water; little Miss Zoe had gotten herself a beach house for the weekend and invited me to come and join her. That was an opportunity I couldn’t refuse, nor the opportunity to take her by surprise and have a little fun with her off-schedule.

So, if I ran my hands over her long lean legs as I wrapped them about with straps, who could blame me? And if I spent a little time caressing her breasts as I wrapped a harness around her torso, so what? But in a few moments, Zoe was wrapped up in plenty of straps about her body and arms and legs, and she looked up at me with her eyes half-lidded, moaning softly through her gag, wanting what was obviously coming for her.

With a smile, I reached into a pocket of my coat and pulled out a vibrator. Her gagged smile widened as i turned it on, then reached down and slipped her bikini bottoms down a bit to bare her pussy. The damp down there probably wasn’t all from her recent swim, and the buzzing shaft slid into her very easily. The moment it penetrated her, Zoe’s eyelids fluttered, and she cried out softly through the ballgag, her nearly-naked bosy shivering as vibrations ran through her pussy, the vibrator pressed into her clit, and she shuddered, her breath coming fast.

I pulled her bikini bottoms up to hold the vibrator in, then produced a short length of cord and wrapped it about her narrow waist, then pulled the tail down between her bound thighs to form a tight crotch rope. her moans grew louder as I pulled it tight and tied it off, her swollen pussy lips clearly visible through the thin material of her bikini.

I stood up and looked down at her, her curvy body compressed by tight red straps, her mouth wide open around her thick ballgag, her barely-covered breasts pressed out by the tight straps across her chest, her pussy lips split by the tight crotch rope, her eyes almost closed with pleasure as she moaned and cried through her gag. It was such a pretty picture, lit in gold by the bright suinlight streming in through the wide windows looking out onto the beach and the water.

My scarlet captive squeeled as I grabbed her by her harness and pulled her up. I threw her across my shoulder and carried her out of the room, amusing myself by kneading and squeezing her barely-clad ass while she twitched and moaned in her bonds; I could feel the buzzing of the vibrator where her helpless body pressed against my shoulder as I carried her out onto the beach house’s veranda.

Realizing where I was taking her, Zoe tugged against her bonds, her gagged cries taking on more urgent, more protesting note. But I only laughed and smacked her on the ass a few times. “Don’t try anything, girlie!” I said with a chuckle.

Of course, there really wasn’t anything she could do about it as I carried her to the edge of the veranda, beneath the eaves of the roof where I had placed a heavy-duty hook. On the back of her harness was a heavy meatal ring; it was simplicity itself to turn about so she was facing out over the water, so she could look out and see all the people on the beach, and raise her up high enough to slip the metal ring over the hook, and let go of her, so she swung to and fro, squealing helplessly, staring at me with pleading eyes.

I laughed. “Oh, don’t worry!” I said, pulling a chair over beside her. “I’ll be right here with you the whole time!”

She whimpered, squirming helplessly agaisnt the tight straps only sent her dancing in the air, swinging to and fro in the strong wind, her whole body shining in the bright sunlight. We were not so close to the water that everyone would see her, but if she wasn’t careful and kept quiet and still, she would certainly draw attention to herself.

Which she soon realized, and tried to hang still in her bonds, and tried to stay quiet. But the vibrator was still going strong, and her bonds were so tight, and the sunlight so warm, and the strong breeze ran over her bare skin, setting sparks flying across her nerves, so she couldn’t help but moan loudly, her voice rising as she wa sforced higher and higher on a tide(ah-ha, a pun) of pleasure while the water pounded in waves on the beach.

Smiling, I grabbed up a short leather crop I had strategically placed beforehand, and swung it, landing a hard Smack! on her ass.

“Mhmph!” she cried out, jerking in her bonds, which set her to swinging again, which only sent her further on her helpless journey to orgasm: I smiled as her gagged voice rose higher and higher tyo a climax as she shuddered, her body gripping the throes of pleasure, then collapsed in her bonds, gasping for breath through her nose.

“Good girl!” I said, standing to my feet again. I reached into a pocket and took out a red bandanna. “And now. . .” I said, wrapping it acorss her eyes; she shook her head and moaned, but naturally there was nothing she could do to stop me blindfolding her: now she could only imagine every eye on the beach watching her, every viewer drooling and leering at her, running their eyes over her helpless body as she came again and again.

And that is exactly what she did.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Emily was woken up to see Sakura crouched over her, awatching her with a big smile. "You're awake!" the little Nisei cried out delightedly. “Come on, out of bed!” she cried out, tugging at Emily’s arm.

“Nnnnghuh?” Emily grunted, struggling to focus her eyes.

“It’s here!” Sakura cried out, pulling Emily’s feet over the edge of the bed, heaving her up to a sitting position.

“Wuzzuh?” Emily mumbled, blinking her eyes. “What time izzit-” she reached out with a shaky hand to grab the alarm clock on the night stand and raised it up. Her eyes widened as she stared at the numbers on the clock face. “Uuuuu-” she moaned, collapsing back on the bed.

“Oh, come on!” Sakura cried out, tugging on Emily’s hand. “Let’s go!”

Emily, still in her pajamas, let Sakura pull her to her feet, standing about 5’1’’, she  had a lean curvy form, pale skin, a narrow heart-shaped face inset with blue eyes and topped by long flowing blonde hair almost as white as snow.

Sakura, today had foregone her usual outfit in her eagerness, and wore only a pale blue bra and matched panties: the little Nisei was a little over 5 feet tall, with wide hips and an almost aggressively curvy build. Her eyes were brown, and her hair a brown so dark it was almost black, hanging down about her neck.

Eagerly, Sakura dragged Emily out into their little apartment’s living room where a large package lay, torn open, bits of packing and cardboard scattered about the room, and lying in the midst of the carnage lay a large black rubber object. Crumpled on the floor, there was little telling what it was, but a memory poked its way through the haze of Emily’s befogged mind: Sakura had read about a bitchsuit in a story, and desperately wanted one for herself. One birthday check from Emily’s parents, who had no idea what the money was spent on, later, and here it was.

“It’s great,” Emily mumbled, then turned and shambled toward the coffee maker.

“Oh, come on!” Sakura whined, tugging on Emily’s hand. “Help me put it on!”

Mumbling and grumbling, Emily let Sakura lead her back to her present. She pulled open the brown rubber bitchsuit. It had only six openings: one in the back, closed by a zipper, two eyeholes that could be closed off, one mouth hole, and two tiny holes to fit over the bitch’s nostrils to let her breathe.

Sakura’s nostrils, in this case.

The rear zipper started at the back of the head, then ran down the back to the crotch; Sakura had already opened it, so Emily just held the bitchsuit out to Sakura to let her into it.

She leaned forwad, reaching out for it,  and Emily placed her hand between Sakura’s shoulderblades, pushing gently on her back. Sakura doubled over her arms, laying her hands on her shoulders, then slid her arms, elbow-first into the suit, into the specially-designed pouches for them. Emily pulled the hood up over the little Nisei’s head, pulling it tightly over her face, then helped her to raise her knees and slide them, one at a time, into the appropriate pouches for them.

Careful her hair was not in the way, Emily took hold of Sakura’s zipper and slowly pulled it down, enclosing her head in black rubber: it slid down her naked back, pulling the two sides of the rubber suit tightly together, enclosing Sakura in inescapable rubber.

“Oooh!” Sakura said, glancing around. “This is great!” she exclaimed, her lips visibly moving behind the open mouth hole. “Come on!” she cried out, turning on her four ‘legs’ to face Emily. “Let’s do something!”

Emily grunted, and turned away, she spotted something and grabbed it, then turned back to Sakura, holding a wide ring gag in her hands.

“Hey!” Sakura pouted as Emily slid the ring gag to her mouth, but she readily opened her mouth as wide as she could to let Emily slide the rubber-coated ring behind her teeth, then buckled the straps tightly behind her rubber-coated head.

Emily looked down at her handiwork with a sigh, then turned away once more and shambled to the coffee machine.

“Ungh! Ungh!” Sakura barked through her gag, loping after Emily, long practice at moving on all fours serving her well.

“Not now, girl,” Emily muttered, grabbing a mug and starting the machine running.

“Ngggg,” Sakura moaned, rubbing her rubbery body against Emily’s leg.

Emily mumbled someting unintelligible, sitting at at the counter on a stool to watch the coffee bubble.

“Ungh!” Sakura barked, scrabbling at Emily’s leg for attention.

“Ugh,” Emily grunted.

Without warning, Sakura leaped up on her rear legs and jumped up on Emily, her long pink tongue stretching out through her ring gag to lick Emily on the cheek.

“Wagh!” Emily cried out in shock as Sakura leaped on her ,licking her eagerly, lovingly. “No- sto-hop!” she laughed, struggling to push Sakura down. “Stop! Good girl! Please, stop!” She managed to push Sakura back down to the floor.

The little bitch stared up at Emily for a moment, jumped on her with another happy bark. Emily was borne off the stool to land on her back on the ground; Sakura crawled on top of her, pinning her mistress to the floor and licking all over her face.

“ACKPTH!” Emily cried out as Sakura’s hot tongue ran over her. ‘Okay, OKAY!” she cried, pushing Sakura away. “Okay, we’ll play!”

Sakura cheered, and happily rubbed her body against Emily’s, her big brown eyes shining with delight.
Emily and Sakura's Morning (EAS-11)
Sakura is britwit 's OC. I don't think he'll mind. This story was inspired, at least in part, by my dog, Samantha.

If you like this story, you can see more here in my gallery:…

The series is a spin-off of my long-running Emily Series:…

Please tell me what you think: comments are my power source.

I do take requests(if I like them) trades and commissions.

Disclaimer: I do not condone violence against women, nor subscribe to or support any theory that women are inferior to men. All characters in this story are adults, and fictional.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Doors slammed, laughter and cruel voices echoed through the halls, and Susan stirred.

For a single wonderful moment, she didn’t know where she was, or why everything was dark, then she tried to move, and pain exploded across her entire body, strained muscles and hurt tendons screaming agony, pain signals coursing over overstimulated nerves brought back every painful horrible second of her ordeal back in an agonizing rush of memory. The interminable hours spent hanging in agony, her whole body stretched to the limit, nearly cut in two by the thin crotch rope that splits her below, the never-ending rush of pleasure and pain, her helpless body wracked by forced orgasms hour after hour throughout the night until finally, mercifully, the batteries ran down. Only then, still suffering in agony, still helplessly aroused, could she sleep.

The classroom door banged open, and two pairs of pounding feet walked in. “Well, here she is!” a male voice calls out.

“Ready for your first big day?” the other said with with a wicked laugh.

Susan whimpered.

“Let’s take her to the bathroom!” one said.

At the words, Susan suddenly felt her bladder, as if it were just waiting to be summoned. It felt like it was bnulging inside of her, about to explode. “Mhmm-hmm!” she moaned, nodding frantically.

“See? She needs to go!” one said.

“Ah, forget what she wants!” the other snapped.

“Fine,” the first said with an audible shrug. “But when you’re in her and she pees on you, remember it’s your fault!”

Susan listened intently, shivering in her bonds. The other was silent for a long moment, then abruptly turned to her. “Fine,” he snapped, grabbing her by the bound hair. “You can take her!” He shoved on her, the whole stand rolling, and Susan screamed through her gag as she careened blindly, helplessly,  across the floor.

She came to a sudden halt. She rocked in her bonds, gasping for breath, crying and whimpering with pain as every swing ground the rough ropes against her delicate flesh. She heard footsteps pound as one of them walks out, then a pair of hands grabbed at her legs, and started to tear at the duct tape.

Susan whimpered as first one, then other of her legs is freed from her frogtie, strained muscles crying out as they are free to move, blood rushing back into her long-immobilized limbs. Her feet dropped to the floor, and she struggled to get them under her, to take her weight. She cried out again as she lifts a little of her weight off of the rope, as her crotch rope loosens around her.

Her lone captor fumbled at the ropes binding her to the stand, then they came loose, and Susan breathed a sigh as her crotch rope loosened once more. “Come on,” he said, grabbing her by the bound arm. “Let’s go.”

Susan could do nothing but obey: she stumbled blindly on her high heels and weak legs through the echoing halls, their footsteps hammering off the walls, through a door, then into another echoing room, clearly a bathroom.

Her captor fumbled at the rope tying her hair to her arms, and Susan cried out again as it fell loose, her cramped muscles filling with agony as they move. He ripped the tape covering her gagged mouth away, provoking another cry from her, then unbuckled the ring gag and took it away.

Susan spat out the remains of her panties, the black lace now sodden and ruined. “Thank you,” she whispered hoarsely,  her voice as dead as the muscles of her jaw.

She heard a stall door open, and her captor shoved her in. “Go,” he snapped.

Feeling her way, blindly, Susan found the toilet and sat down on it. Blushign a furious scarlet in shame at being watched, she let herself loose, and cried out in relief as she empties herself.

She stood again, and her captor held her still while he wiped her clean. After flushing the toilet, he pulled her out of the stall, then forced her down onto her knees. “Thank me, slave!” he snapped.

“Thank you, master!” she gasped, her voice trembling but stronger than before.

“No!” he snapped angrily, the slapped her. “How does a slave bitch thank her master after he’s done something for her?”

Susan whimpered with pain, and froze in indecision for an instant. “Please, master,” she stuttered. “May I suck your cock to thank you?”

Something else struck her face, and she reognized the feel of the soft flesh that he rubbed over her face before pressing into her lips. She opened her mouth wide and he forced his cock in her mouth, grabbing her by the hair, he forced her down onto his cock.

Moaning helplessly, Susan ran her tongue over his large manhood, sucking on it as he rammed it deeper into her mouth. Unwanted, she felt a weak stir in her pussy as she sucked hard on his manhood, her nipples hardening with arousal as he used her like a fucktoy. he groaned as his cock hardened in her mouth, stiffening, under her tongue. He jerked hard, then came, pouring his cum in her wide-open mouth.

Susan swallowed it all, licking his cock clean, wanting to keep him happy. He pulled himself free of her, then shoved the ring gag back into her mouth. Susan lay still and did not resist as he buckled it shut once more, then pulled her to her feet.

As he led her away, it suddenly occurred to Susan that she had not even asked her lone captor to release her when she had the chance. She moaned, thinking of her home, so far away, the comfortable bed she could be lying in, then her crotch rope rubbed through her naked slit again, and she moaned again, for a very different reason.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Asami regrets ever asking Korra to help her grow stronger.

The brunette had admired the Avatar’s heavy muscles for a long time, and wished she was as strong herself, so she asked Korra to help her train and exercise. Korra did, and after a week or so, Asami can feel how strong she has become.

So after training and exercizing, what Korra said would be her final test finally begins.

Korra leads Asami into her workshop, which is largely cleared, Asami notes, most of the normal welter of stuff either cleared out or pushed to one side. “Okay,” Korra says, standing beside a heavy iron frame which Asami had never quite asked what it was for. “Take off your clothes,” she says, reaching down for the bottom of her own shirt.

“What?!” Asami exclaims, staring at her grilfriends in astonishment.

“Take off your clothes,” Korra repeats herself, pulling her shirt off over her head. “For this, you don’t want to be encumbered.”

“Then why are you taking your clothes off?” Asami asks worriedly.

“I don’t want to make you feel embarrassed,” Korra says with a grin.

Rreluctantly, Asami reaches down to the sash around her waist and unbinds it, then slips out of her dress, revealing her lacy black bra and panties. She leans down and slips her shoes and sockes off, then straightens up again.

While Asami did that, Korra has slipped out of the last of her clothes, and stands naked before her. Asami pauses for a moment, frozen, running her eyes over Korra’s naked body: Korra stands tall and broad shouldered, with long black hair, dark blue eyes and dark tanned skin typical of the Waterbending Tribes. She has large round breasts, a belly rippling with muscle, and long muscular arms and legs. Her smooth hairless skin gleams in the dim light, the light running over her dark nipples and the smooth lips of her pussy. She gives Asami a grin. “Well?” she asks. “Go on!”

Asami blushes, a bright pink flush rising to her pale cheeks, then hurries to reach behind her back to unhook her bra. She pulls it away, letting her firm breasts swing free, and tosses the lacy bra away. She leans over, putting her hands down onto her hips. She slips her ringers under the waistband of her panties and slips it down, over her hips, across the curce of her ass, and  slides it down her long legs to step out and kick them away.

It is Korra’s turn to stare at her girlfriend’s body: Asami is pale-skinned, with ebony hair and light green eyes. Korra runs her appreciative gaze over Asami’s lean body, her firm breasts, her narrow waist and wide hips, her long lean legs.

“Okay, let’s get started!” Korra says as she picks up a pair of golden bracelets and turns back to Asami, holding them in her hands. Asami’s eyes widen as she stares at them, noting the fine detailed workmanship; someone spent a lot of time and effort on these, and it shows. “Give me your hands, please,” Korra says.

Asami willingly holds out her hands, and Korra slips the bracelets over her wrists. They close with a quiet mechanical snap, and tighten around her thin wrists.

Korra grabs up two more, slightly larger bracelets, while Asami stares at the wristlets, still admiring the workmanship. “These are for your feet,” Korra says, then kneels down beside Asami’s feet, and slips the anklets around her slim legs. “There!” she says with a smile, standing up again. “You’re all ready!”

“For what?’ Asami says, confused, staring at Korra.

Still smiling, Korra reaches over to the metal frame and flicks a concealed switch.

Asami lets out a startled cry as the bracelets suddenly jerk away from her, pulling her hands and feet out away from her until her limbs form an x-shape. “Korra?!” she gasps. “What- what’s going on?!”

“Open your mouth,” Korra says calmly.

Automatically, Asami obeys, opening her mouth wide, and Korra slides a red ballgag past her red lips and deep into her open mouth. “Good girl!” she says with a grin as she buckles the straps closed behind her captive girlfriend’s head.

“Mhmm?!” Asami grunts through her gag, staring with wide astonished eyes at Korra. “Mhmm-hm? Hmm!”

“Oh, don’t be silly!” Korra says with a laugh. “I can’t understand a word you say! Don’t worry,” she adds, turning away from Asami. “We’ll get started in just a moment.”

“Mhm?” Asami grunts through her gag. Then her eyes go wide in shock and fright. “MHM?!” she cries out, her eyes locked on the huge vibrator Korra holds up: twin-headed with two thick shafts and a clit stim, Korra smiles at her and flicks a switch with her thumb, and the twin heads burst into life, filling the air with their loud buzzing. “MHMMMM!!!” Asami screams, tugging uselessly at her magnetic bonds.

Still smiling, Korra crouches beside Asami’s bound leg, running her right hand over her smooth skin. She raises the vibrator in her left hand, sliding it up between her soft thighs, and forces it up into Asami. “Every time you move,  Asami,” Korra says, looking up at her with a merry smile, her eyes twinkling with delight. “The dildo speed shall increase.”

“Mhmm!” Asami cries out, a writhing running over her naked body as the buzzing dildos fill her, her moans rising higher as the clit stim makes contact with its target. Her gagged cries rise higher as the vibrator speeds up in response to her writhing; desperately, Asami tries to hold still, but she cannot help herself: her breasts sway enticingly under Korra’s leering gaze as she shudders, crying out with every labored breath.

“Go on!” Korra says with a laugh. “All you have to do is break free! Or hold still,” she adds, grinning. “Or just keep doing that,” she adds further as Asami’s gagged cries rise, the buzzing the vibrator filling the air, even buried deep inside of her it is plainly audible.

Despite her best efforts she cannot but struggle and soon it works in her on insane speed, forcing to cum.

Korra sighs as if bored. “You know,” she says. “If you don’t get loose soon, I’ll have to leave you like this for the whole weekend!”

“Mhmm!” Asami cries out into her gag, her eyes wide with terror. Desperately, she gathers her little remaining strength, nad pulls at her bonds. her muscles stand out like cables as she heaves with all her fading strength.

With a clang! the electromagnets break free, and Asami falls to her knees on the floor before Korra’s astonished gaze. before Korra can more than gape at her, Asami gathers herself, then l;aunches herself at korra with a yell.

Caught off guard, Korra tumbles backward under Asami’s assault, landing hard on her back. Their breasts brush each other as Asami grabs at Korra, wrestling her down, their naked skin brushing smoothly over each other. Reacting quickly, the Avatar fights back, reversing Asami’s grip andshoving back at her.

But Korra is unprepared for Asami’s strength. Surprising even herself with her new strength from all her recent training, Asami holds her grip, pushing Korra’s arms down.

Korra reaches down and grabs Asami’s breasts, squeezing them hard between her strong fingers.

“Mhm!” Asami gasps, her grip loosening as a blush rises to her cheeks.

Grinning, Korra grasped Asami’s hands at the wrists, and shifted her feet to Bend the earth beneath them.

“Mhmmm!” Asami moans, squeezing her mouth shut, her eyes wide with shock as a thick finger of earth rises in response to Korra’s power, sliding up between her soft thighs and up into her pussy.

Taking advantage, Korra shoves Asami over to the side, rolling over on top of her, then using her grip to turn Asami over onto her belly. She forces Asami’s hands together behind her, and quickly shackles them together.

Taking a moment to catch her breath, Korra  sits up, and looks down at her captive girlfriend, her naked body laid full out on the floor, the curve of her ass rising enticingly. Korra grabs Asami by the arm and pulls her to her feet. “Come on!” she says. “We have to do the test!”

I though that was the test! Asami thinks, wailing into her gag.

Korra must have understood her gagged cry. “Are you kidding?” she says with a nasty smile. “That was just a warm up!" She drags sami across the workshop.

Asami feezes, shuddering as she stares in horror at what awaits her: it is a long spreader bar, held up aabout waist-high in the air, with two big thick violet vibrators, one on each end. moaning and crying into her gag, Asami is forced to straddle the bar and sit down on it, easing her pussy over the violet vibrator until it is buried inside of her.

Korra adjusts the height of the bar, making Asami moan as the vibrator is forced a little deeper into her. She rises up on her toes to get away from it. Korra shakes her head. “Naughty girl,” she says chidingly. “But, I already thought of that. . .” She turns away and returns with two heavy metal balls; crouching beside Asami’s legs, she locks them to the captives’s ankles, and the heavy weight brings Asami back down on her heels. “There we go!” Korra says, satisfied.

“Nhmm!” Asami whines, tossing her head back, tears pouring from her eyes. She forces herself up onto her toes. Moaning, she holds herself up on her quivering feet for a moment before she comes crashing down on her heels, forcing the vibrator back into her.

Shaking her head, Korra turns away to grab the rest of her gear. Chain clanks and she returns with a long line of light chain. Stretching up0 on her toes, she tosses the end of the chain through an eyebolt hanging from the ceiling over the center of the bar, securing the chain, she holds up the end before Asami’s eyes. Whimpering, her face streched with misery, Asami’s eyes focus on the chain, and her face goes pale, recognizing thesmooth curved hook on the end of the chain. “You know where that is going, don’t you?” Korra asks with a wicked grin.

“MHMMM!” Asami cries, shaking her head desperately.

Chuckling, ignoring Asami’s desperate gagged pleas, Korra pulls the chain down behind her back. Asami squeals as Korra slides the hook down the crack of her ass, between her bright pink cheeks, then down between her soft-skinned thighs. Asami shudders, squirming helplessly in her bonds as Korra eases the point of the hook against her back passage, sliding it up with irresistable strength, making her captive cry anew.

Before Asami can react to this new torture, Korra grabs her handcuffed hands and slides the steel bands off. She quickly grabs Asami by the wrists and pulls her hands up over her head. She closes the handcuffs again, locking Asami’s hands to the steel chain that stretches up from her bare ass and the hook forced deep in her, over her head and through the eyebolt and down toward the other side of the bar.

Before Asami’s disbelieving eyes, Korra moves to the other end of the bar, holding the other end of the chain, a ballgag, and a pair of handcuffs. "Now, your muscles look nice,” Korra says, easing herself onto the other end of the bar, sliding her pussy down over the vibrator there. “But you have to prove it in a fight not with a machine - but with me. When I pull lower on my chain,” Korra says, demonstrating. “Your end of the bar rises, and the hook rises too.”

Asami, her eyes wide, moans helplessly as Korra narrates the violation happening to her.

“And the same vice versa,” Korra goes on, sliding the other hook into her own rear with a grunt and a smile. “So your way of defeating me is to make me cum first. If I win though, key will fall in my hands, not yours... Poor you then!" Chuckling, Korra opens her mouth wide and slips the ballgag in, then buckles it tighly behind her head. She raises her hands high, and lashes them to the chain, shutting the handcuffs tight around her wrists.

The moment the steel bracelets click shut, the vibrators buzz to life, seending their hard humming through both captive girls’ bodies. “Mhmm!” Asami squeals, her eyes wide with shock as a sharp current goes through the bar and hook, and into her. Desperate, Asami struggles up onto her toes once more, tugging at the chain with her bound hands, trying to raise herself and lowerthe intruders.

Korra watches her efforts with a smug amile around her thick ballgag. She flexes her own muscles, and raises her legs up, pulling hard on the chain.

“MHMMM!” Asami screams helplessly as the vibrator and hook sink deeper into her than she ever thought possible. Spittle flies out from about her gag as she cries and screams, wiggling helplessly in here bonds as shocks and vibrations run through her, thrusting herup on a tide of forced pleasure. . .

She comes with a desperate wail, her wrung-out body collapses in her bonds, coated in sweat and other fluids. Whimpering, she raises her pale eyes to the maiden opposite her, expecting Korra’s mocking glance. But Asami is surprise to see Korra  still sits with Her eyes closed, squirming in her own bonds. Somehow, Korra  missed the fall of the key. The key ring fell hard and is now swinging closer to Asami.

Her chance, her last chance, her only chance. Almost screaming with the effort, Asami raises her leg, her weakened muscles quivering against the weight of the heavy iron ball. But somehow, she raises it, up toward the swinging key.

Korra’s eyes snap open when she hears the faint rattle of the key ring as asami’s toes close around it. “Mhmmm!” She cries out, staring shock as Asami raises her trembling leg, up and up, swinging her leg like a hyper gymnast, up toward her bound hands.

Asami reaches for the key ring that trembles barely a finger’s-breadth beyond her fingertips, then with a final effort that makes her cry out, she catches it.

Korra writhes against her bonds, moaning and crying as Asami frees herself, unlocking her handcuffs, then carefully pulling herself up off the bar, sliding the vibrator and hook out of her and pulling the heavy weights off her ankles.

Something peculiar strike Asami, and she walks toward Korra. “What is that?” she exclaims, pointing.

Korra glances down at her pussy, in which small clamp is just visible. “You cheater!” Asami screams, outraged. Korra  glances at her erstwhile captive with fear-filled eyes. “So that’s why you didn’t come!”

Searching quickly, Asami finds the controls of the vibrators and shockers while korra cries out pleadingly through her gag. Mercilessly, Asami jerks hard on the controls, raising the power high: Korra screams out, a pitifully weak cry, then collapses, unconscious in her bonds.

It doesn’t take Asami long to find what she wants in the workshop, and she works quickly to free her girlfriend from her bonds, then replace them with the same golden bracelets Asami had worn, and a chi blopcking collar to prevent her from Bending her way out. But Asami made sure to leave the inhibiting clamp right where it was, tight around Korra’s clit.

Behind a curtain, Asami finds it, and it takes her breath away.


Korra  awakens slowly, then her eyes slam open. “Mhmmm!” She cries out, tugging at her bonds, but they don’t move a millimeter, she is bound in place by the same electromagnets she bound Asami with.

She is bound in the machine she meant to use on Asami after her supposedly inevitable defeat; Korra’s naked body is stretched out tightly, pulled taut in the heavy steel frame. Her terrified eyes trail over her bare tanned body, then rise up to meet Asami’s gloating gaze.

“Glad you woke up in time!” Asami says with an evil grin. She hefts two suction tubes, hoses trailing from them. “Of course, you know where these are going!’

Korra’s terrified eyes glance to her bare breasts, her nipples standing out firm and hard in the cool air, then dart back to Asamit. “Mhmm!” she whimpers pleadingly.

“You would have done it to me!” Asami says, shaking her head as she approaches Korra, reaching toward her breasts.

“Mhmmm!” Korra screams as the clear plastic tubes close on her breasts, heavy suction sucking her delicate flesh up, filling the tubes, her nipples swelling under the pressure.

Laughing at her screams, Asami saunters over to the small control panel of the machine; her hand hovers delicately over the switch for a long moment as she stares mockingly at Korra, reveling in her screams and mopans and gagged pleas, then her hand darts down, and flips the switch.

“MHMMMM!” Korras screams, but even her toes are tightly bound together, there is absolutely nothing she can do, not even to pull her feet away from the torture: tiny wire brushes sweep across her sensitive soles while others plunge into her armpits and across her naked sides; wheels of feathers brush over her pussy and her naked parted thighs. Korra screams with laughter, desperate for breath, her face turning red as she shrieks through her gag, crying and screaming for mercy which isn’t coming.

Tickling is only the start of her problems: the  suction keep on,the tubes sticking to her breasts as she quivers and cries helplessly in her bonds.

The vibrator filling her pussy buzzes loudly, adding its own siren call to Korra’s screams; Asami stuck the shocking hook into Korra’s rear with great pleasure, and now the current runs through her body, making her jump and scream as the shocks burst through her.

Korra tugs against her bonds, her muscles jumping beneath her naked skin, but to no avail: she is borne higher and higher on pain, pleasure, overwhelming sensation, but there is no climax; with a scream of horror she realizes the inhibitor is still clamped inside of her.

With an evil smile, Asami plucks up a third suction tube, and slides it neatly over Korra’s pussy, adding another note to her screams as her captor takes a step back.

The tubes from the suction devices go into an empty container, nearby; Asami walks over to it and gives Korra a glance, still smiling wickedly. “You’ll be released,” she says. “Just as soon as you fill the container with your milk and cum... oops, no cum for you, right?” she says, glancing at the inhibitor. naturally, no milk, either. “Then just wait.” Her smile broadening,  Asami turns away. “I’ll be back after the weekend. Dont go anywhere!”

Smiling, Asami caresses her belly, newly found abs, . Thanks Korra, she thinks to herself, and exits leaving her bound girlfriend to her fate, wondering how many time will she pass out, and how many time she’ll cum from her constant stimulation, starting just as soon as the clit clamp falls off. . .
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
You feel something odd. Something very odd.

Your eyes are still closed, tired, sleepy, you try to dismiss the strangeness. You take a deep breath, then let out in a peaceful sigh.

But something is still odd. More than one thing: the air smells funny, you can taste something odd in it on your tongue, which is strange itself, why are you breathing through your mouth? You can feel something against your skin, not like clothing or sheets, something wet, like you fell asleep in the bath, or floating on your back in the pool.

You open your eyes and stare in shock; you didn’t fall asleep in the bath. You can’t see anything! There is something across your eyes, blinding you to anything you might see. But you can feel that you float in water, completely submerged, it surrounds you, over you, beneath you, you are submerged in in some kind of tank!

Wide awake now, you can feel something pressed against your lower face, over your mouth and nose, something rubbery presses into your teeth like a scuba mask, it holds your mouth open, your teeth apart,you can feel the flow of cool air being forced into your mouth.

You try to turn your head, but there is something around your neck: hard, metal, tight, it completely surrounds your neck, from your collar to your chin, forcing your head high, almost immobilizing your head. You try tugging at it, but feel it tug againt something else, like a rope or cable that stretches above you, away from your blind little world.

You try to move your arms, but more metal surrounds your upper arms, holding them pinned to your sides; you can feel yet more metal holding your forearms together behind your back, holding them parallel but apart, while a metal corset squeezes tight around your middle, squeezing your belly, pressing your breasts up.

You sit on something, your legs parted around a rounded saddle, of the same hard metal as your restraints, your legs bound with more metal at your ankles and thighs, bending your legs, binding you immovably in place.

“Mhmm!” you try to speak, even knowing there is no way anyone could hear you, but your pathetic attempt at speech is little more than a muffled whimper, almost inaudible even for you, drowned in the swirl and swish of water about you. You can feel it rushing up and down across your naked skin, as if you are within a vertical tank.

But somethign hears you, and responds: a short sharp jolt of electricity bursts through you; you gasp silently in pain, but a thrill of more than pain passes through you with the shock’s passing. What is going on? why is pain pleasuring you?

You pull against your bonds, not expecting to find any give, but once again, something responds to your actions: between your legs, you feel something pressing into you pussy, filling you up completely; it begins to vibrate, or perhaps it was always vibrating but you didn’t notice it before, it speeds up, vibrating faster and harder, filling your pussy, pressing hard against your clit, warming you from deep within.

Involuntarily, you moan with pleasure, then cry out as another jolt of electricity shocks you. “Mhmph!” you grunt, wriggling helplessly in your bonds, but the response is a harsher shock that dances across your red-hot nerves and leaves you gasping for breath while the vibrator only speeds up. Blindly, you arch your back, gasping at the odd-tasting air as the rush of pleasure and pain fills your body, building up higher and higher, driving you helplessly toward a shuddering climax.

You moan and cry out as the vibrator pushes you to the brink of orgasm, and the responding shock pitches you over; you scream and squirm as you come, your helpless body shuddering as shocks of electricity course through you, the vibrator speeding up once more as you struggle uselessly in your harsh bonds.

Your cries end in a gasp as the corset tightens around your waist, cinching tighter around you, squeezing your breath out in a pitiful squeek. The collar tightens around your neck, moving with mechanical cruelty tighter around you throat.

You struggle to hold still, to keep silent, and the corset and collar halt their movement. But the vibrator still fills you up, now humming louder than ever. You shiver against your will, quivering as pleasure once more mounts inside of you, borne higher and higher on the buzzing tip pressed deep into you.

You bite hard on the tube between your teeth, but you cannot repress a moan, and once more electricity shocks you, making you gasp in pain and pleasure, the strange scent of the air filling your mind as electric shocks run through your body, as the buzzing pleasure rises through you.

With a desperate cry, you lunge against your bonds, heaving at them with all your might, but the vibrator only goes harder while a wave of power runs through you, tearing another scream from your filled lips as pleasure and pain course through you. Your bound body shudders, your gagged voice rising, tearing your throat as you scream through anothedr forced orgasm.

Before you have even recovered from the climax of ecstacy, the corset and collar tighten again, constricting your breath, squeezing your helpless body in their merciless grip. By the time they have halted, you can barely breathe, gasping and coughing for air, but the vibrator buzzes louder, already driving you toward another climax despite your terrified effort.
Watertank Princess
VertigoR commissioned this story from me, based on this picture:…

I think I'll do a sequel to it.

In other news, I have finally surrendered to the 21st Century; this is the first deviation I have posted using my brand new tablet.


John Mahler
I am a 'serious' writer, trying to get my serious work published. I also like to write pornography, particularly BDSM.

Well, some people watch my other account for the porn, while others watch me for my 'serious' literature, so I decided to make this new account for my porn.

I do commissions, trades, and requests(if I think they're interesting).

Current Residence: Israel
Favourite genre of music: Practically Anything
MP3 player of choice: iPod mini
Shell of choice: Conch
Skin of choice: Freckled
Will be 27 on the 17th.

My dad has lost his license again, so I am again the only licensed driver in the family, which means I'll have even less time to write anything.

That's not all, I've been getting steadily more depressed over a long while. It's about bondage, and women, and me being alone. I write to lovely ladies about what I would like to do with them if we ever get together; most seem to like it, but I never get to do them. I see Lovely ladies, I get told all the time that I'm smart, and sweet, and funny, and cute, and yet I'm still alone and lonely.

I rant and rave and vent; there's no need for any of you to pay attention.

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