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Sorry I haven't been around much, folks.

I've got it all laid out(which is the hard part), and now I just need to write all the pages; God willing, I should have it ready to post by next weekend.
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Excited and wet against her will, Susan lay bound and gagged in the dark stuffy closet for hours: she heard the school empty as the last of the students departed, the teachers and workers; she heard a man walking into the classroom once, probably the janitor: “Mmmph!” she cried, struggling to make herself heard, but whoever it was, janitor or not, swiftly departed, leaving her to her terrible, nightmarish, wet dream of a fate.

She had no idea how long it was before she heard the door open again, and a crowd of people walked into the classroom.

Susan whimpered helplessly; her mind whirling; what did her captors have planned for her? How long would they keep her? All weekend? She had been kept a bondage slave for a whole weekend once before: she had suffered humiliation and torture at the hands of her captors, but she’d had more orgasms than she’d thought possible, coming again and again as htey fucked her in every hole. “Mhmm!” she squealed, and shivered with arousal, her pussy growing wet just thinking about it, thinking about what they’re about to do to her now. . .

The closet door opens, and a blast of cold air rushed across her naked skin. “Mhmph!” Susan moaned, realizing for the first time just how hot and stuffy the closet had become: her skin gleamed with sweat as a large hand grabbed her long blonde hair in a firm grip and hauled her up. “Come on!” a male voice said, low and husky to disguise it.

“Mhm!” she whimpered, struggling to rise, to get her high-heeled shoes under her, her lace-clad breasts rising and falling sharply with every breath. she barely got her feet under her in time to save herself from the pain of being dragged up by her hair, then her captor dragged her by her hair out of the closet.

“Mph! Mhmph!” Susan moaned as she hopped awkwardly, her breasts flopping abour, her ass jiggling sexily as she was drawn out from the dark seclusion of the closet out into the lecherous view of all of her captors. Her captor halted her, still holding her up by her hair, so her near-naked body was spread open and displayed before the lecherous gazes she could feel running over her.

“Wow!” one of them exclaimed. “You guys really did it! You’ve got her!”

“Mhmm!” Susan moaned, shaking her head desperately. “Mhm, nhmph!” she whimpered pleadingly.

Another pair of hands took hold of her; by now Susan could recognise Ridley’s firm grip. “I’m gong to take your gag off,” he said to her. “And you are not going to scream. Do you understand?”

“Mhm-hmgh,” Susan moaned, nodding her head.

“There’s only us in the building,” Ridley went on. “So screaming wouldn’t do you any good at all.” His hand reached up and grabbed the edge of the duct tape and peeled it away.

Susan struggled to keep her head still as Ridley unwound the duct tape from around her head, whimpering as he pulled at her hair the tape was stuck to. Then, finally, he reached the end of it and pulled it away, leaving only the single length of tape he’d originally put across her lips to hold the thick cloth in. Without pause, he grabbed the edge of the tape and ripped it away! Susan threw her head back and screamed, her bound body shuddering in agony, her scream hardly muffled by the thick cloth still in her mouth.

Her captors laughed at her, then Ridley reached into her mouth and plucked out the thick cloth.

Susan coughed and gagged. “Please let me go?” she begged, gasping for breath. “Please? I won’t tell anyone, I promise!”

Without warning, a hand slapped Susan across the mouth, making her whimper in pain. “Save it, slut!” a female voice responded harshly. “Use your mouth for what it’s there for!”

Susan sobbed helplessly, then her captors tightened their hold on her and dragged her away.

She heard things fall to the floor, then felt something ram into her midsection. With a gasp, Susan fell forward across what she realized was her own desk, the things on it cleared away, now bare wood. She struck it hard, knocking the breath from her; before she could recover, before she could resist at all, hands grabbed hold of her ankles and pulled her legs wide. “Ow!” she whined. “Please- don’t!” she pleaded. “Stop!”

Smack! a hand struck her on her upraised ass. “Shut up, bitch!” Ridley snarled.

Trembling, Susan obeyed, shutting her mouth. She couldn’t hold back a whimper as her qquivering legs were pulled wider, her ankles bound aroumd with ropes and tied in place, doubtless to the crner legs of the desk. She moaned, her thighs pulled so far apart they felt like her muscles would tear.

But Susan’s problems were only beginning: one of her captors grabbed hold of her head, and confident hands took hold of her hair, winding her long blonde tresses into a braid. Susan couldn’t see or understand, but a long cord was wound into the braid by deft fingers; she did understand when her captors let go of her head, then the cord was tugged on, pulling her hair by the roots. “Ow!’ she whined again as her captor pulled on the cord, forcing her head up until her chin was parallel with the floor. The end of the cord was wrapped around her bound arms and tied off.

Before Susan could adjust to that, another cord was wrapped around her neck. She whimpered as it was pulled tight around her throat and tied off. the cord pulled taut as the other end was tied to the desk; Susan tugged blindly against the cord, to find that she was now bound in place, naked and blindfolded, her ankles and neck tied to the desk. Completely helpless in the hands of. . . of. . . of whoever now held her captive.

Smack! Susan jumped in her bonds with a startled cry as she was spanked again. “All right!” a male voice cried out. “Let’s do this!”

A pair of hands roughly took hold of her hips and Susan felt the tip of a cock brush against her lace-covered ass. “No-!” she cried out, squirming in her bonds, but they held her still.

a smaller pair of hands grabbed Suan by her braided hair. “Use your tongue for what it’s supposed to do, bitch!” that female voice snapped again. Susan tried to remember it, it seemed so familiar, then the owman, whoever she was, pressed her naked pussy against Susan’s lips.

”Mmph!” she moaned, trying to turn her face away, but she just couldn’t.

“Let’s get started, bitch!” Ridley said from behind her. Susan grunted and moaned as his fingers slipped beneath the waistband of her panties and pulled them down, baring her ass and still-wet pussy.

“Mmmmmph!” Susan cried, shaking her ass, but the action only made her captor’s laugh. Cruelly. Lustily. Susan went still then, and whimpered softly.

Still laughing, Ridley pressed the tip of his cock into her wet pussy, sliding it easily into her despite Susan’s hopeless wishes. She cried again, then the female jerked hard on her hair, making her cry out again in pain. “Get started, bitch!” she snapped.

Still crying, Susan parted her lips and slid her tongue out, between the woman’s pussy lips; she moaned softly as Suan’s tongue slid through her, easing through the folds of her slit.

Ridley backed out until the tip of his cock almost slid free of Susan’s pussy, then he slowly eased himself back in, sliding deeper and deeper into her damp hot owmanhood.

Susan’s breath came fast as he slid into her. It was exactly the way she remembered it: the tight bondage, the uncaring captors, the thick shaft forcing its way deeper and deeper into her until she felt as if she would split open. “Mmmbl,” she mumbled, thrusting her tongue through the woman’s slit, seeking her clit; she had only ever licked one woman, but that had been an intense learning experience, to say the least, as she was forced to lick and suck Fenix to climax dozens of times.

No, the tip of her tongue slides into the hard nub of the woman’s clit, and she groans, her fingers tightening their hold on Susan’s head as Suan’s tongue pressed into her clit.

Susan moaned again as Ridley fucked her from behind his, his every stroke driving deeper and deeper into her, his cock thickening and hardening as her moans rose, growing aroused by her helpless squirming in the tight bonds, her tight wet pussy squeezing around his cock as he pressed himself against her, his crotch grinding against her pale ass, his cock buried the deepest yet.

“Mhmph! Mhmmmm!” Susan cried out, her tongue and lips , her helples cries muffled by the woman’s pussy.

“Oh, Yes!” she cried, arching her back, her hands pulling at Susan’s hair. “Oh, fuck! That’s it!” she shouted shrilly, her voice rising as she rose to a climax.

Behind Susan, Ridley still fucked her, driving into her like a hammer, faster and faster; she couldn’t help but cry out in pleasure as he thrust his thick shaft into her. She trembled and moaned, on the verge of climax when he thrust himself into her, and held there; he shuddered, then came, thick hot sperm pouring into her pussy while she cried in denial as his hammering stopped, leaving her trembling on the verge of her own climnax.

“Hey, it’s my turn!” a male voice said as its owner shoved the woman aside: Susan felt two rough hands grab her by the head, and the tip of a half-erect cock pressed to her tremblig lips.

With a whimper, Susan opened her mouth wide, and let him slide his manhood into her mouth as she felt another man grab her ass, choving his cock against her pussy; she knew that this would only end once each of her captors had taken a turn with her. If even then.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
A little while ago, a person wrote to me with this question:

‘I'm writing a FNAF reader insert involving bondage and I'm trying to figure out how to write the dialogue of a gagged person. I tried Google, Yahoo, Bing,, nothing helped. With that in mind, how can I write someone speaking while gagged????’

I started to respond, but it turned into a very long thing, too long for a simple comment, so I’m putting it here for everyone to see, and hopefully help people out.

As far as I know, there is no generator or translator for gagged speech(edit: see writer's comments, below), writers have to write it themselves. It is pretty difficult. I can offer advice, and a few guideline, but the onus of the work still rests on you.

The first suggestion I can give is to not spell it out: for example, rather than write out a gagged person pleading, I might instead write: 'she mumbled pleadingly into her gag, her words muffled by the thick packing filling her mouth.' And when the captive does enunciate, it is mostly written as grunts and moans "Mhmph!" "Mhmmm. . ." etc.

But of course there are times when one does need to spell it out. HOW to spell it out depends largely on the type of gag: if it's a ring gag, then your captive cannot make sounds that they need to close their mouth or bring lips together to make: no 'm,' 'p,' 'sh,' 'th' or 'f,' for example.

In a ring gag, an 'm' usually become an 'ng' an 'f' disappears, an 'sh' becomes an 's' and a 'p' can either disappear or become a 'k' a 'th' usually becomes an 'h'.

Other noises are possible to make with a ring gag but become more difficult, so if a person is just calling out, they could disappear or become sp,ething else, but can say them if making an effort to enunciate: an 'n' for example could disappear or become an 'ng'

So, a person in a ring gag trying to call for help might say:

"'Elk! 'Elk! I'ng i' he sed!" (Help! Help! I'm in the shed!"

If the captive is cleave gagged, the ‘dialect’ of gag-speech is very different, also, the different dorts of cleave gag, the varying thickness and weight of material leads to a much wider variety of sounds than a ring gag.

The guiding letters are ‘m’ and ‘f’

an ‘h’ will tend to become an ‘f’
a ‘p’ will end to become an ‘f’ or to disappear.

an ‘n’ or ‘ng’ will tend to become an ‘m’

also, an ‘s’ will tend to come out as ‘sh’ a ‘k’ will tend to disappear.

a cleave gag also tends to lead the captive to punctuate words with ‘mph’

so, for example, a cleave-gagged captive demanding release might say:
“Fumph you! Releash me ngow, you frea’!” (“Fuck you! Release me now, you freak!”)

These are TENDENCIES; exceptions do apply. These exceptions can come from the particular cleave gag, and the particular captive

A tape gag is propably not the must muffling gag, but it is one of the most indecipherable: holding the captive’s lips in place renders many sounds impossible to say, such as ‘s’ ‘sh’ ‘p’ ‘b’; the captive can still make plenty of noise(which can be reduced by stuffing their mouth with something), but actually speaking intelligibly is very difficult.

A tape gag will tend to render things as ‘m’ and add ‘m’s or ‘mph’s to words.

As a general rule, I don’t even try writing out the gag-speak of a tape-gagged person. If I need to lat the reader know what it is, I’ll usually do something like this, for example, if the captive is trying to convice the captor that she doesn’t know where the treasure is: “Please! I don’t know where the treasure is!” she tried to say, her voice so transformed by the tape gag it was almost unintelligible.

A stuffed cleave gag or a stuffed tape gag will tend to have the same effect as their unstuffed counterparts, but to a more muffled degree.

A ballgag is a classic, but like the tape gag it tends to let the captive make noise, but

Ballgag is the classic gag-speech, but there are plenty of variations on it, depending on captive,

‘m’ is an operative word here; it (along with ‘mph’) will tend to get added to words, and whre it does appear, it will get drawn out.

‘s’ can become an ‘sh’ or a ‘f’, a ‘th’ will tend to become an ‘h’ or disappear, a ‘t’ might disappear or become a ‘g’

so, for example, a ballgagged captive telling her captor where the treasure is might say:
“Yeff, ‘he greasure ish inm ‘he mmusheumph.” (“Yes, the treasure is in the museum.”)

as a general rule, the bigger the ballgag, the more ‘m’s there will be, and the fewer other sounds there will be.

Of course, there are other kinds of gags, but if I tried to be thorough, I'd be here all week. I strongly recommend you to do research into other people’s writings, see how they did gag speach, see what you think works, what you think doesn’t work. Anmd then work out for yourself what works for you, for your writing. Also, try gagging yourself, see what it might sound like in real life.


One semi-final word; single words are easier to enunciate(and write) than full sentences, so a simple “Helf! Helf!” can work very well.

One final word: gag-speach is very easy to overdo; unless it is something important to the plot, something the captive is trying very hard to say clearly, as a general rule I think you’re better off with grunts and moans, with annotations and gestures to help communicate.

Good words to use to describe gag-speach:



I have to admit that I don't even try to write gagged speech in my stories and I don't think using it helps the story much.  The one exception is when a woman is being gagged while speaking.  "What the hell do you think you arr mmmppph!"

Otherwise, I think that it distracts from the story.  It is better to let the character tell you what she is trying to say by having another character do the translation or have the character herself tell the reader what she is trying to say.

Susan strained to hear Alice.  Her grunts were barely recognizable as words, but Susan thought she was trying to tell her to move closer.  Susan squirmed closer and Alice's reaction told her that she had guessed correctly.


Susan cried into her gag, which not only muffled her words, but distorted them.  All she wanted was water...pleading for it, but either the gag was too effective or the guard simply decided to ignore her.

I see no benefit of trying to write "Please, I need water" in gagged speech.  I know bondage writers that try to do this and it is all, but impossible to do in a way that helps the story.  Usually, the reader has to translate the gagged talk, which interrupts the flow of the story.

That is just my opinion, I could be wrong.
How to write gagged speech
I hope this helps.

If you have suggestions, questions, comments, I'd love to see them, please comment below

After I wrote this, a couple readers gave me a link to a gagtalk generator made by Vadda-Orca… I include the link out of a sense of thoroughness, not because I recommend using it: the creator himself calls it a piece of junk. I'm not sure I'd use the word 'junk' but it is rater limited.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
A long time later, Ratree’s blindfold was torn away and she blinked her eyes, flinching away from the sudden bright light shining on her.

After their capture, Madam Kulap had taken her captives to her hideout, but naturally they had no idea where they were: Ratree had moaned in protest as she was blindfolded, the other polocewomen offering helpless squeals as they were likewise blinded, then their legs were unbound and they were carried out from the van.

Whimpering into her thick gag, Ratree had helplessly followed where she was led, through several turns into a room where she was forced down into a chair. Unknown to the half-naked captive, it was a gynecologist’s chair; the policewoman had trembled in fear as her hands were uncuffed then shackled to the arms of the chair, while her legs were likewise restrained.

The chair leaned back, her legs were raised and splayed wide, her arms spread out to either side, then hert blindfold was ripped away to see a bright light shining down into her eyes.

Ratree blinked and squinted as dark form appeard over her, outlined against the bright light; the woman stared down at her, her face hidden under a surgical mask,only her pale gray eyes stared down at her, blank and merciless.

The doctor was a promising medical student before Madam Kulap got her claws into her, now her left arm was decorated with dozens of injection marks and her eyes were dilated with whatever drug she now had pouring through her system.

She raised the stethescope around her neck, sliding the buds into her ears, then pressed the end to Ratree’s chest, between her breasts. Her eyes looked intent as she listened closely to the fast beating of Ratree’s heart. Nodding silently to herself, she turned away and picked up a hypodermic needle.

“Mhmm!” Ratree moaned, tugging at her bonds as th doctor approached with the sharp needle, but the doctor still ignored her, inserting the needle into her bound arm.

Rather than inject her with some drug, as Ratree had feared, the doctor drew blood; once the needle was filled, she turned away and laid it aside for testing later.

The doctor walked to stand between Ratree’s spread legs, then picked up a long sharp scalpel and held it up to the light.

Ratree’s eyes widened in fear, staring at the glittering blade. “Mhmph!” she cried out, shaking hr head desperately as the doctor lowered the blade to her belly.

But the doctor didn’t cut her: she slidthe balde down to Ratree’s panties and cut them away with two quick slices; she took the ragged bits of cloth with her free hand and tossed them aside, laying bare Ratree’s pussy between her spread-open thighs. Ratree’s frightened eyes followed the doctor as she picked up what looked somewhat like a pair of salad tongs; she opened and closed the cupped end of it twice to test it, then turned back to ratree; She placed the end of it to Ratree’s slit. Ignoring the captive woman’s negative cries, she inserted it in, the squeezed the hand: the spoon-shaped ends spread wide, pulling open Ratree’s pussy lips.

The codtor leanewd down, and stared closely into the shamed officer’s slit. She picked up a cotton swab and delicately inserted it into the pussy before her, then dabbed it within.

The doctor placed the swab within an antiseptic plastic baggy, then came up to stand beside Ratree’s head. She grabbed the edge of the tape plastered across Ratree’s lips and tugged at it.

“Mhmm!” Ratree moaned as the pulled tape pained her.

Taking a firmer grip, the doctor ripped hte tape free; Ratree screamed, and the doctor deftly reached into her open mouth and pulled out the handkerchief.

She let it fall, then grabbed Ratree by the jaw and stared threateningly into her eyes. “Don’t say a word,” the doctor hissed at her, and Ratree obeyed. The doctor raised a dental gag to her mouth, and Ratree, after considering the likely cost of resistence, opened her mouth as wide as she could. The doctor inserted the dental gag into her mouth, then grabbed a small handle and twisted it. The gag opened wide, forcing Ratree’s jaw wider;

“Nngh!” Ratree moaned helplessly, but the doctor ignored her, twisting the handle further and further untikl Ratree’s jaw gaped wide, wider than she could possibly have opened it herself; in moments her muscles ached, and she stared pleadingly up at the doctor, tears dripping from her eyes.

The doctor grabbed up some dentist’s tols, a small mirror and a probe, then leaned over ratree and slid them inside her wide-open mouth.

Ratree tried not to gag as the doctor slid the probe around her mouth, prodding at her teeth, then mirror that looked so small in her hand feeling huge in Ratree’s mouth.

The doctor pulled the dentist’s tools out and laid them aside, then she picked up the scalpel again and leaned over Ratree’s breasts: she made two judicious cuts, and Ratree’s bra fell away, letting her full breasts stand freely. Giving them all the attention of a piece of meat, the doctor grabbed Ratree’s breasts and felt at them with her gloved hands, prodding and squeazing them, ignoring Ratree’s grunts and moans.

The doctor straightened up again, stripping the gloves off of her hands. “Good,” she said, then gave a signal.

Two whore entered into Ratree’s field of view: they  removed the dental gag, then quickly and efficiently unbound Ratree from the chair, re-cuffing her hands behind her back before they let her up out of it. They took her by the arms and led her away.

The naked officer threw a helpless glance over her shoulder, and she saw one of her helpless fellows beng forced into the chair, while the doctor pulled on another pair of gloves.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
The door of the station’s squad room burst open and four whores ran in, guns in hand. “Get your hands up!” one shouted.

“Get over here!” another snapped, grabbing a policewoman by the hair and dragging her up out of her chair.

“Don’t make a sound!’ a third ordered.

Caught by surprise, the five policewomen  didn’t stand a chance; in mere moments they were all forced to stand, searched for weapons, and moved to stand with their backs to a wall, hands behind their heads.

Then Madam Kulap strode in.

The Madam ran her eyes over the short lineup, and her eyebrows raised in surprise on seeing a familiar face. Officer Ratree blanched in fear, her face turning white as her eyes met Madam Kulap’s.

The Madam turned away from Ratree to a woman whostood with sergeant’s stripes on her sleeve. “Where is Detectve Pakpao?” Madam Kulap demanded coldly.

the sergeant flinched away from Kulap’s hard eyes, herown dark brown eyes shining with fear, but she clamped her lips shut.

Madam Kulap drew her own gun and pointed it at the sergeant’s head. “Where is Detective Pakpao?” she repeated.

No answer.

Madam Kulap cocked the gun. “I won’t ask again,” she said coldly.

“She went out!” one officer squealed. “She went to take a walk!”

Madam Kulap sighed softly, her hard eyes dark with thought; they couldn’t wait in the station for Pakpao to come back. Reluctantly, she turned to her lieutenant. “We’re going,” she said.

The captive policewoman all sighed in relief.

“You know what to do,” Madam Kulap said, then turned and strode out.

Ratree glanced from Madam Kulap’s back to her lieutenant nervously, wondering what those last words meant. After the disaster at the hospital, Ratree was re-assigned to this quiet station, and she did not want to once again be in Madam Kulap’s clutches; she worried what this would mean for herself and her fellow officers.

Along with her in this predicament were sergeant Chailai, a tall spare brunette with narrow green eyes, officer Kanya, short and busty woman who wore her black hair cut short; officer Dao, athletic, a dancer, she wore her light brown hair coiled in a bun; long-legged officer Malee, whose own dark hair hung loose about her shoulders; and young officer Waan, who was either blonde, or very good at dying her hair  - barely eighteen, with a teenager’s spry body, she had graduated from the academy just days ago.

These fice policewomen tensed nervously sthe four armed whores turned to them once again. “Strip!” Kulap’s lieutenant ordered.

“What?!” Sergeant Chailai exclaimed.

“I said ‘strip!’” the whore said again, waving her gun threateningly.

Officer Ratree was the first to move; she took her hat off of her head(in the squadroom, she was the only one wearing hers) and set it down on a nearby table.

That motion broke the policewomen’s resistence, and they allbegan to take their clothes off.

Each helpless policewoman set her clothes down beside herself, in moments stripping to their underwear - Ratree wore a plain brown set of panties and a gray bra; sergeant Chailai wore plain mathing white underwear and dark tights; Kanya she now saw, wore light blue panties and a dark red bra that barely held in her large round breasts. The busty officer wrapped her hands across her breasts as if afraid they might burst out.

Officer Dao wore brown panties, but no bra; her cheeks flushed scarlet as her small breasts were bare to the light and their captors’ lecherous stares; officer Malee’s long legs were covered in sheer black hose and she wore a long white slip; while young Waan wore a sexy lacy black matching set of bra and thong panties, her own black

held up by a matching lacy black garter belt. Th teenager blushed a furious red as almost very eye swung to her sext underwear - doubtless she had had a special night planned with her boyfriend, a medical student at the university.

But all plans were ended now, except for Madam Kulap’s. “Turn around,” the chief whore ordered them. “Face the wall, put your hands behin your back!”

trembling in fear, the policewomen obeyed, hoping against hope that the whores mean only to tie them up and leave - the whores propmtly tied them up, using the policewomens’ own handcuffs to chain their hands together behind their backs. “Open your mouth!” the lieutenantordered Ratree, her left hand tasking an obscene grip on the officer’s breast.

Gasping in outrage and despair, Ratree opened her mouth wide, and the whore shoved a balled-up handkerchief -Ratree’s own handkerchief- into her mouth. She followed it up with a length of duct tape that she plastered across the helpless officer’s lips to hold the gag in.

Other captives moaned and squesled, their cries muffled and cut off, proving that they were being gagged too, and the other whores were taking advantage of their captives.

In moments, all of the captives were cuffed and gagged, and the whores grabbed each of them, then turned and dragged the mout.

“Mhmm!” Ratree moaned helplessly, shaking her head, her eyes wide with fear as the lieutenant pulled her toward the door by a grip on her arm. But bound as she was, she couldn’t resist.

As she was dragged by the front desk, she saw a plain white envelope lying there with written in a broad hand: ‘To Detective Pakpao, from Madam Kulap’.

A plain unmarked van stood parked just before the station’sdoor, the van’s own door wide open; helplessly, the kidnapped policewomen cried into their gags, their muffled voices easily drowned out by the noise of traffic and crowd in the brief moment between them being pulled out through the station’s door and shoved into the van.

Ratree whimpered as she was forced to step up into the van, then the whore behind her shoved her in the back, forcing her down to her knees. She grinned as she shoved Ratree down onto her belly, then put her legs ogether and wrapped a length of silvery duct tape around her ankles.

In moments all thepolicewomen were in the van; the door rolled shut, the engine roared, and they pulled away into traffic without any notice.

Ratree whimpered, trembling as she felt a hand grab her by the shoulder and turn her over onto her back and her bound hands. “MHMMPH!” she moaned, staring wide-eyed up into Madam Kulap’s evilly grinning face.

“Hello, again,” Madam Kulap said. “The gods are kind!” she said with a laugh. “They give me a second chance to do to you all the things I had no time to the last time we met!”


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Well, some people watch my other account for the porn, while others watch me for my 'serious' literature, so I decided to make this new account for my porn.

I do commissions, trades, and requests(if I think they're interesting).

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