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. . .At night I'd take you to bed with me. I'd never lock you in a cage, unless you had don something very wrong; I'd bind you tightly then lay you down beneath the covers so the cold night air would not touch your naked skin. Then I'd lay down beside you and pull you against me; I'd hold you in my arms tightly against me; when you shiver, I'd warm you with my body, when you cry from a nightmare I'd wake you and hug you close and tell you everything is all right, and when morning finally comes, I'd take you out and make you breakfast.
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If you were my pet, I'd take you out in the evening to a grassy field where we can watch the sun set together and see the first stars appear overhead. I'd feed you little treats that I cook, and wrap you in my arms and hold you close, just to feel you pressed against me.

If you were my pet, and if the night was warm, I'd have you take off your clothes, then I'd wrap you in ropes and put a vibrator into you, then I'd hold you and hug you and kiss you while you came and came again, just because I'd love to give you pleasure.

I want a pet.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Today, she wore a white dress shirt and a tan skirt with dark pantyhose, her long hair bound up in a bun atop of her head. “As you all know, this is a three-day weekend.” Susan said with a grin; her husband was away on business, and with the children out of the house, she’d have the whole house to herself for all that time, and that sounded just fine. “So get out of here! And don’t come back here until Tuesday!”

With a hearty cheer, the class rushed for the door in a solid mass as the bell rang; Susan watched them go with a sigh of relief; Victoria would be back by Tuesday and take over her class again, and Susan could get away from Ridley. She was sure that her nonchalant acting had convinced him she wasn’t the one, but still, she would be glad to get away from him.

She paused a moment while the released horde thrundered through the halls to gather up her stuff; once the school halls thundered a little ore softly, she shouldered her purse and turned for the door.

She stepped through the open doorway, then without warning, a pair of hands reached out from the side and grabbed her by the head. “Hey!’ Susan cried as they slapped something sticky across her eyes. “What th- MHNPH!” With little more warning, one of the hands wrapped around her body while the other slapped a thick wadded-up piece of cloth over her mouth.

“Mmm!” Susan cried, strugglign and kicking, raising her hands to pull the hands away, but four more hands grabbed her amrs, and she was dragged back into the classroom: Susan couldn’t see. she could tell it was duct tape wrapped across her eyes, but she heard the clkassroom door slam shut, and heard the shade being lowered over the window.

-Susan’s mind whirled: how many of her captors were there?!- while yet another pair of hands grabbed her skirt and pulled it down over her hips and sliding down her legs to the floor, leaving her in her black stockings and favorite lacy black garter belt. They had felt so sexy when she put them on this morning, but now- now they still felt sexy, now her heart pounded in her breast as her captors mercilessly tore at her clothes, she felt her nipples harden with shameful arousal, her pussy growing hot as her naked skin was bared to her captor’s gaze.

“Open your mouth,” a voice whispered to her; Susan jumped in shock, then froze as she recognised the voice as Ridley’s.

Impatiently, he reached down and grabbed her nipples through the lace of her bra, pinching and twisting them until she cried out in pain. “Open your mouth!” he repeated.

Reluctantly, Susan oened her mouth, her captor holding the gagin place loosened his grip to let her. He (she could feel his engorged cock pressing through his pants into her lace-clad ass) forced the thick cloth into her open mouth, then slapped his hand over her mouth to hold it in, pressing her lips together. Susan heard the sound of duct tape being ripped off a roll, then he pulled his hand away: Susan did not resist as duct tape was pressed over her lips, then the roll was pulled around her head, wrapping the tape around her head to press even tighter over her lips.

Her heartbeat thundered as Ridley wrapped the duct tape around her head one more time; yes, she had bondage fantasies of something like this, but why did these fantasies come real for her in the most horrible ways?!

Ridley tore the roll free, then smoothed the end of the tape over her lips. “All right,” e said. “Get her arms!”

Without warning, Susan was shoved forward across her desk; she grunted and whimpered as her midsetion presed into the hard wooden edge of her desk, the captor still holding her pressed against her upturned ass; the ones holding her arms pulled her arms together behind her back, pressing them together with crushing force. Susan couldn’t help but cry as they forced her elbows to touch, wrenching her shoulders painfully. Duct tape made its unique sound once more, and her captors wound duct tape tightly around her wrists, almost welding her hands together.

Susan’s fingers wiggled forlornly as she felt the end of the duct tape being placed against her elbow, then swiftly wounds around her touching elbows: the tape wrapped around her arms several times, drawing tighter and tighter with every turn; when the tape was torn away, Susan’s arms were immovably bound together.

Her hands twisted and turned, seeking the edge of the tape around ehr wrists, but she couldn’t even touch it with the tips of her fingers, much less unwrap it; her captors saw that tiny motion, however, and without hesitation, they wrapped more tape around her hands, stickily wrapping her fingers uselessly together.

Unsatisfied, they wrapped the tape up her arms, wrapping turn after tursn of duct tape over her bare skin until her arms were mummified from her hands to her elbows,. “Mmmm. . .” Susan moaned helplessly, her heart hammering as the realization of her true elplessness came down on her. With that realization, she felt her nipples harden with arousal, she felt her pussy grow damp in response.

The man holding her pressed down against the desk grabbed hold of her shoulders and pulled her back up to her feet.

“Are you sure we won’t get in trouble?” the man holding her asked as

“Oh, yeah!” Ridlay said. “Watch this!’

Susan jumped as she felt his hand bruahing over her belly, sliding down between her thighs. “Mhmm. . .” she moaned helpless\ly, her cheeks burning red as his firm fingers pressed against her pussy, rubbing her through the soft material of her panties. “Mhmm, mhm!” she whimpered as she felt herself growing damp, her treacherous body responding to her helplessness, to the firrm hold of her captors and her bonds, to the insistent invasion of Ridley’s fingers.

“You see!” he said triumphantly, pulling them away wet, leaving a damp spot in Susan’s panties, plain for all to see. “She loves it!”

“Mmmm,” Susan whimpered, lowering her head shame-facedly; even if she could have spoken, she could not have denied it.

Ridley put his hand around her shoulder. “Everyone follow the plan, and we’ll have the best weekend ever!”he said, and pulled her away.

Helplessly, Susan followed where she was led, wobbling and tripping on her high heels, and stopped where Ridley stopped her. She heard the closet door open and trembled. “Mhm!” she grunted, trying to pull away from Ridley’s grip.

He tightened his grip on her. “Shut up, bitch!” he snapped, slapping her breast with his hand: through the thin material of her bra it made her whine in pain. “Put your feet goether!” Ridley ordered her.

Susan obeyed, tryin to cnvince herself it was only out of fear that she obeyed him. But her cheeks burned a bright red, her breath came fast in her throat, and her breasts thrusto ut, perky and pert in her tight bondage.

Ridley tore off the end of duct tape and wrapped it around her lace-clad ankles. Despite herself, Susan moaned softly in pleasure as the length of tape puled tighter and tighter around her, then Ridley repeated it, wrapping tape arond her knees until she wobbled helplessly on her bound legs, struggling for balance in her tight bonds, her hips wiggling form side to side as she struggled only served to excite her more, turning the damp patch of her panties darker.

“You see that?” Ridley said with a chuckle, pointing. “She loves it almost as much as we love doing it to her!”

“Mhmm!” Susan moaned, mortified, then Ridley grabbed her by the hair and shoved her into the closet.

“MHM!” Susan cried through her gag as she fell into the jumble of cardboard boxes, old coats, abandoned projects, pinned and half-buried, evebnunbound she would have had trouble getting out.

The door squealed on unoiled hinges as Ridley swung it to; with a sinking heart, Susan remembered that nobody hardly ever opened the closet for anything anymore.

Ridley stuck his head in the half-closed door. “Don’t get too comfy in here!” he said with a wicked leer. “We’ll be back for you real soon!”

Susan trembled in fear and desire as the the door slammed shut with a bang!
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(Contains: sexual themes)
An expensive red sports car pulls to a halt across the street from the nightclub at the center of Bangkok’s red light district, and Madam Kulap climbs out. She is dressed in a tight black strapless dress, very tight: it clings to every curve of her body, as if she is about to burst out of it.

Interestingly enough, though, she still wears Ratree’s black court shoes.

Grabbing up a matching purse, Kulap slams the door and walks around to the trunk and opens it.

“Mhmm!” the trunk’s occupant whines, stirringas the blast of cold night air rolls over her naked body: the little auburn-haired minx had been all set for a night on the town when the police officer had stopped her. Kulap had no trouble knocking her out and stripping her: though she still has on her strappy black shoes(they hadn’t fit Kulap’s feet) and her stockings, still held up by her lacy black garter belt, Kulap wears her fancy black anties and bra; her cheeks bulge around Kulap’s own hospital-issued underwear, held in with several layers of duct tape wrapped arond her head.

More duct tape is around her elbows, drawn together behind her back, pulling her shoulders painfully back, forcing her pert young breasts lewdly out; more tape is around her wrists and ankles, and even a strip is drawn across her eyes to blindfold her.

She moans softly, pleadingly, lying on her side in the tiny stuffy trunk, sweat stands out on her naked skin as she raises her head blindly, whimpering to be released.

Kulap takes a moment to look over her little curvy helpless body. “Don’t worry,” she says softly. “You’ll be let out soon.”

“Mhmm,” her helpless captive moans.

Kulap’s lips stretch in a grin. “Someone will be out in a little while to introduce you to your new life!”

“Mhmm!” she cries out into the gag, shaking her head; Kulap laughs, and slams the trunk shut.

Se takes a moment to compose herself, then turns toward the brothel and walks in.

coloquially known as a ‘greeter’ her job is to let good customers in and know who to keep out.

She doesn’t seem to be good at her job, because she puts herself in Kulap’s way and raises a hand to stop her. “Where do you think you’re going?” she asks officiously.

“Do you know who I am?” Madam Kulap demands.

“You’re not invited in, that’s who you are,” the greeter snaps. She runs her eyes insultingly over Kulap’s body. “I’d say you could work here as a whore, but you’re way too old!” she says with a sneer. “Now, get out of here before I have you thrown out!” She snaps her fingers, and the two massive guards stand to their feet.

Kulap snaps a glance at them, then glares at the greeter. “All right,” she hisses. “But I’ll be back!”

“Not too soon, I hope!” the greeter sneers.


It is very late at nigiht, or from another perspective, it is very early in the morning.

Madam A-gun, as she now styles herself, sits behind what was Madam Kulap’s desk, and surveys her criminal empire: it is all good.

The office door slides open, aand the maid backs in, pulling a tray of tea; After one glance, A-gun ignores her, looking down at some paperwork on the desktop.

“Your tea, Madam,” the maid says.

“Thank you,” A-gun says, then her eyes widen as she realizes that she recognises the maid’s voice. She looks up to see Madam Kulap standing over her, holding a chlorophorm pad in one hand. “You!” she gasps.

“Yes, me,” Kulap says to her former lieutenant, then slaps the cloth over A-gun’s mouth and nose.


The main room of the brothel is empty of customers, but plenty of the brothel’s employees are there, smoking or drinking and relaxing after a hard day’s night.

The door on the landing overhead leading to the Madam’s office suddenly swings open and Madam Kulap steps out. “Attention!” she shouts.

Confusion, fear: those who don’t recognise her are afraid because they don’t recognise her, while those who do recognise her are afraid because they do.

“To those of you who don’t know,” she says into the sudden silence, looking around the room with a possessive smile. “Iam Madam Kulap. And this is my place.”

One of the whores raises a frightened hand. “What about Madam A-gun?” she aasks hesitantly.

Kulap’s smile widens. “Right now, she is on her way to Iran.” It had been a wonderful thing, too, pounding in the nails of the crate, listening to her terrified whimpers and gagged moans as the naked slut was sent off to her new life of slavery and toil.

She looks around the room and meets the terrified eyes of the greeter; Kulap smiles wickedly: it is all good.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Madam Kulap glances up at the nurse with close, narrowed eyes. nervously, the nurse’s hand shivers as she tries to fill a hypodermic needle with medicine.

A large well-formed hand grabs the needle before the nurse stabs herself, and she looks up into the broad suntanned face of Doctor Metharom. “I’ll take it, Kamon,” he says, speaking Thai with the accent that comes of an American education.

The nurse, dressed in a plain white dress, with dark shint black curls spilling out from under her cap, gives him a jerky curtsy, “Yes, Doctor,” she says, relinquishing the bottle to him as well, then gives Madam Kulap a frightened glance and flees from the hospital room.

Doctor Metharom quickly fills the needle, then looks down at Madam Kulap: even lying on a hospital bed, dressed in a plain white gown, with her right hand handcuffed to the railing, she looks like exactly what she is: an arrogantly-proud lady, mistress of many, perhaps the most powerful woman in Bankok.

Tall for a Thai, she has a long lean body well-cared for, a narrow face with striking cheekbones and wide dark expressive eyes that stare back at the doctor. Her long black hair spreads out beneath her like a halo. She looks very little like her age, and very much like a much younger age. People tend to underestimate her for it; it’s not a mistake many make twice.

“I wish you would not frighten my nurses so,” Doctor Metharom says, leaning down to swab her upper arm with an alcohol pad.

Madam Kulap hisses at the cold, but does not deign to respond.

Doctor Metharom heaves a sigh. “I don’t care what you are out there,” he says to her. “In here, you are nothing special; no different from anyone else. . .”

Madam glances at the policewoman who stands guard by the door, then back to the doctor.

“A patient,” he finishes, then pricks her arm with the needle.


Madam Kulap was caught by one Detective Pakpao because of a particular weakness of Kulap’s: she needs regular treatment for her condition, hence her hospital stay now.

Officer Ratree glances into the hospital room as Doctor Metharom leaves it, bound on some other urgent business.

Tall, with a tight curvy body and a broad heart-shaped face, the thirty-something police officer was happily married iwth two children and a seccessful career officer, she wears her uniform well; the dark brown long-sleeved shirt and knee-length skirt belted around her waist, flesh coloured tights and black court shoes, her long black hair coiled into a bun under her regulation brown brimmed cap, the police badge prominent on the front above the brim.

Madam Kulap looks up and meets Officer Ratree’s eyes. Ratree gives her a grin. “Nce day?’ she says.

Madam Kulap sneers. She jerks her chin at Ratree. “Come here,” she hisses.

Ratree snorts, shakes her head, then turns back away from the door. Her cell phone rings, and hshe takes it out. She smiles when she sees the number and quickly answers. “hello, onry,” she says cheerfully. “I’m sorry, I’m stufk at work,” she says, glancing over her shoulder at Madam Kulap. “No, I’ll be out by eight,” she says in answer to some question. “You have a baby sitter, right? Good,” she says with a smile. “Great, I’ll see you later, ‘bye!” Ratree hangs up, then glances once again toward Kulap.

The Madam stares at Ratree with an odd expression on her face. “You are married?” she says.

“Yes,” Ratree responds.

“With children?”

“Yes,” the policewoman says.

The prisoner nods, looking thoughtful. She jerks her chin at the policewoman once more. “Come here,” she says softly. “Please.”

Intrigued by this sudden change in manner, Ratree turns and walks into the hospital room. “Yes?” she says.

“Come closer,” Kulap says softly.

Ratree walks to stanbeside the bed. “What is it?” she asks softly.

“This!” Kulap says, then reaches up with her unbound hand: she grabs ratree by the front of he collar and drags her down toward Kulap; the officerdoesn’t jhaave time tocry out in surprise before Kulap headbutts her, knocking her out with one blow.

ratree collapses unconscious atop of Madam Kulap, still cuffed to the bed by her right hand. Kulap looks past her toward the door; no one is passing, good. Kulap reashes with her left hand down toward Ratree’s belt, and plucks out her handcuff keys. She quickly unlocks the cuff from around her wrist and clambers out from under Ratree’s unconscious body.

First, madam Kulap hurries over to the door and closes it, then turns toward Ratree with a grin. “This should be fun!” she says aloud.

First, she grabs the pretty officerf’s body and pulls her up onto the bed. Then she unbuckles the uniform belt, and pulls her skirt off, baring her long shapely pantyhose-covered legs. Madam Kulap works quickly to unbutton Ratree’s shirt, parting it to show her full heavy breasts bound up in a pale gray bra. madam Kulap snorts at that, then grabs her white hospital gown and pulls it off over her head. She tosses it aside, then pulls on the dark brown shirt, quickly buttoning the buttons from waist to collar, then she slides the skirt on, pulling the belt tight an extra notch; Officer ratree is a little curvier than the Madam, as she can plainly see, looking down at the near-naked officer, slad only in her lingerie.

Madam Kulap pulls the blck court shoes off and slides them on her own feet, then reaches up and winds her hair into a quick bun, grabs the cap off of ratree’s head, and slides it on to hold her hair in place.

By now, ratree is stirring; using her stolen key, Madam Kulap unlocks the handcuff from the bed, then drags Ratree’s hands up to the top of the bed, and locks the cuffs around her wrists, pulling the handcuff chain through the metal bar of the hospital bed to hold her hands there.

Officer ratree stirs, moans, then opens her eyes, squinting against the pounding in her skull. “Hey- she starts to say. “Wha- MMPH!” her question is cut off by Kulap, who shoves a piece of cloth torn form the hospital gown into her open mouth, stuffing more and more in until the helpless offucer’s cheeks bulge. Kulap then pulls another strip torn from the gown between her lips to hold it in. “Mhmm!” Ratree moans, kicking her feet and shaking her head, struggling to shout. “MHMM!”

But Kulap easily winds the strip ofcloth around her head, tying it off tightly so it cuts painfully into the corners of her mouth, silencing her cries tohelpless moans.

“Mhmm!” she cries into the gag, staring up at her former prisoner.

Madam Kulap draws a deep breath, then reaches up and adjusts her cap. She looks over officer Ratree’s helpless pantyhose-clad body with a glitn in her eyes that makes Ratree flinch away. But there is no time for fun. She grabs Ratree’s legs (she knows that many officers don’t wear the flesh-colored tights, so she leaves them on the sleeping beauty, preferring to save time) and pulls them down toward the bottom of the bed despite Ratree’s moans and ties them both to the foot of the bed with mroe strips torn from the gown.

Madam Kulap takes a step back and looks over her prisoner once more: she lies spread out full length on the bed, her hands cuffed to the head, her feet bound to the foot, thoroughly gagged, staring up at her pleadingly with helpless fearful eyes

Kulap glances at the clock on the wall; almost 8 o’clock: perfect. She gives the captive officer a glosting smile and turns away with a mocking wave. “Sleep tight!’ she calls. “You’ll be spending the night here, at least!”

“Mhmmm-” Ratree cries, her voice cut off by the closing door.

Madam Kulap glances both ways, adjusts her uniform, then stands at attention by the door as if she had been on guard for hours.

And just in time, too: another police officer walks around a corner and starts toward her. “Hoe is she?” she asks, coming to take what should be officer Ratree’s place.

“She’s sleeping,” the fauz police officer tells her replacement with a smile. ”She makes odd noises when she’s asleep - don’t worry if you hear her moaning!”

With that final piece of advice, Madam Kulap turns and strides out, unnoticed and unmissed. She allows herself a broad smile as she walks out into the warm Thailand night; she is back!


John Mahler
I am a 'serious' writer, trying to get my serious work published. I also like to write pornography, particularly BDSM.

Well, some people watch my other account for the porn, while others watch me for my 'serious' literature, so I decided to make this new account for my porn.

I do commissions, trades, and requests(if I think they're interesting).

Current Residence: Israel
Favourite genre of music: Practically Anything
MP3 player of choice: iPod mini
Shell of choice: Conch
Skin of choice: Freckled
Spies is reposted to my new account J-B-Hickock I'm doing Foxy Lady next.

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