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I've been thinking about starting more series like the Emily Series for a while now, and I'd like to know what you folks think.

Not in any particular order, here are the ideas:

Idea #1: Carmelita

Carmelita is a lovely little submissive lady who wants to be your toy, your pet. Written in the first person, you get to pick what you will do with and to her.

Idea #2

Based on the Emily Series, but with a definitely female protagonist/narrator. 

Idea #3

Based on the Emily Series, but with a definitely male protagonist/narrator.

Idea #4: Game Show

Spitballed ideas before about bondage tv shows, and a few gameshows came up, well, I've been thinking about writing short bits from the tv shows, to illustrate the events.

Idea #5: Science Fiction

I actually have a lot of SF ideas, based in my SF series, including an al-female world run by the Lesbian Party, aliens with tentacles, interstellar slave trade, etc.

Anyway, that's all I can remember at the moment, please tell me what you think, along with any ideas, questions, comments, etc.
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Sam and Lidiya storm out of the office, neither of the two rivals even looking at the other.

They strode through the school, the two seniors walking side by side, still glaring straight ahead, th few other students about this late quickly dodging aside as they walk through. They push through the doors out into the warm sunlight of late afternoon, and they walk down the stairs to the sidewalk. There, they stop, and look away, both locked deep in thought.

Lidiya breaks first: she whirls to face Sam, anger glinting in her beady violet eyes like two amethysts, her small mouth set in a grim line. Her fine, wavy, soot-black hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a shark's fin. She is tall and has an hourglass build with full breasts, a narrow waist, and wide hips. Her skin is white. She is out of uniform, dressed in an orange pleated skirt and a yellow short-sleeved t-shirt, knee-high white socks, and tan sneakers. “What are you thinking?!” she snaps.

Sam whirls to face her. He has large green eyes. His fine, wavy, gold hair is worn in a style that reminds you of a pair of wings. He is very tall and has a broad-shouldered build. His skin is cream-colored. He wears a big white shirt, brown pants and red shoes, a brown baseball cap turned backward on his head. He opens his large mouth to respond. “Me?! What were you thinking when you started this whole thing?”

“Look,” Lidiya says. “We both know i’m better for the position on the team-”

“We both know you couldn’t run the team without a helping hand from daddy!” Sam interrupts her with a sneer.

“Why you-” Lidiya snarls, drawing back her hand to strike him.

But she is struck before she can strike him: a three-tined dart hisses through the air to hit her on her right ass cheek: the sharp dart goes right through her skirt and panties into her soft flesh. Almost instantly, Lidiya’s eyes flutter. She groans softly, then crumples to the ground.

“What the-” before Sam can react, another dart strikes him in his ass, hos pants and undies giving him no more protection. His eyes roll back in his head, then he falls to sprawl headlong on the ground beside his hated rival.

A long shadow falls across them, someone looming over them, staring down at them with gloating eyes.


Lidiya wakes slowly, tiredly, feeling uncomfortable, her breath coming hard, in short breaths.

She tries to move, to relieve the tightness around her body, but cannot. She opens her eyes, but sees nothing, her eyes open are as dark as her eyes shut. “Mhmm!” she tries to speak, but she hears only a soft moan. She can feel something warm and wet pressed against her mouth, something. . . familiar. She struggles to think, the last vestiges of sleep filling her mind with cobwebs. She tries to move again, and feels something inside of her. She can feel something huge forced into her ass, filling her up painfully. “Mhmm!” she moans again, her voice so soft even she can barely hear it. She feels something warm and hard filling her pussy, she can feel somethign hard and skin-tight against her skin, squeezing her breath out of her.

Sam wakes up at nearly the same time. He can see no more than Lidiya can, can feel what she feels, the tight wrappings around her body, the same wet warmth pressed to his mouth. He tries to move his hands, but cannpt; he feels the tight wrapping pressing his hands against smooth cool skin. He feels hismelf pressed against someone else, a woman, her breasts pressed into his chest; she tries to move, her hands wiggling against his ass.

At the same moment, they realize that what muffles their voices to a useless murmur is another person’s lips.

At nearly the same moment, she realizeds who she is bound to at the same moment as he recognizes her.

"Mhmmm!" he moans angrily.

“MHMPH!” she grunts, her blind eyes narrowed with rage

“Ah, you’re awake,” A smooth voice drawls from the darkness surrounding them.

“Mhmph!” Sam grunts, wriggling against Lidiya’s body.

“Mmm!” she moans in response, strugglign to get away from him: she can feel it is his cock inside of her, fillinf her pussy.

Both helpless captives cry out in disgust, held so against their hated rival.

“Be quiet!” their captor snaps, in a tone that brooks no disobedience. Both captives go still, cowed by the voice alone in their helpless state.

“Good,” their captor says after a moment. “Now, you don’t get to know why you are here, or who I am. All you get to know is that there is no escape for you, there is nobody coming to rescue you. You will only get out of here when I release you, and you will not be released until you have earned it.”

A deep silence descends after he is finished speaking, bot his captives too frightened to protest.

“You may be wondering how you can earn your release, bound as you are,” their captor says. “Well, it is very simple: you will not be released until you have both cum enough times.”

“MHMMMM!” They whine in unison, squirming uselessly in their tight bandages.

“Oh,” the voice says. “Speaking of which. . .”

Both his captives stiffen as the thick dildos filling their asses start to vibrate; they both cry and moan, their locked lips pressing together in a kiss.

No, Lidiya thinks, shaking her head. No way!

I won’t do it, Sam thinks angrily. Not with her!

But they have no choice. Sam’s cheeks burn with embarrassment and humiliation beneath the bandages wrapped about them; he clenches the muscles in his ass, struggling ti draw out from Lidiya, but he cannot get away from her, only moving his cock within her.

Lidiya cries out, tears of horror and humiliation soaking into the bandages across her eyes, but however she fights, she can find no escape, and the two enemies struggle against each other, cramped muscles pushing against each other, their lips pressed together in a helpless kiss, the vibrators in their asses slowly growing louder and faster.

Their breath comes faster as they fuck each other, tongues tasting each other, both hating every second of it, helpless to fight it, their gagged voices rising slowly toward twin screams as they both rise toward the first climax.

Their lips and tongues grasp at each other, the helpless captives gasping for breath between cries of pleasure, they finally surrender to it, screaming with cries of joy as they come together in an explosive climax that rocks them both.

heaving for breath, they go limp, as limp as their wrappings let them, each of them trembling with the aftermath of climax, filling their minds, suffusing their bodies with a haze of pleasure.

Moaning, both of them stiffen as the vibrators in their asses grow louder again, the buzz adding to the coals of pleasure, fanning them to flames again; they moan helplessly, their gagged voices rising once again. . .
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Korra whimpers and squirms, her blue eyes wide and filled with tears.

She hangs in the air, her own ponytail pulled through her mouth, muffling her cries to soft moans, then pulled back and bound to the rope that connects her wrists and ankles: the rough cord is pulled tight, digging into her flesh, already, her hands and feet have turned an ugly shade of purple; her fingers scrabble uselessly at the rope, mere inches from her waving toes.

Her head is pulled far back, held by her hair bound to the hogtying rope: another rope binds all her bonds together, rising up over her and going through a pulley and down again. That rope holds her up, the other end of it going down in the hands of Asami Sato.

The industrialist’s daughter stare helplessly up at Korra and whimpers into her own gag, a hiuge ballgag that splits her soft red lips wide. She stares at Korra, her own pale blue eyes clouded with tears, her black hair in disarray from the straps of the ballgag that encircle her head.

Asami cannot remove the ballgag because her hands are cuffed together before her at her waist, the chain drawn tight across her naked belly, her elbows crushed together behind her back, bound with rope so tight around her elbows that her hand are almost black. She teeters in place, her legs bound in a leather legbinder, its straps pulled tight so she teeters on her feet, her balance terribly delicate.

She screws her eyes shut, and moans into her gag as a buzz rises from between hyer bound thighs, her vibrator humming loudly, buried deep in her pussy. Her naked breasts rise and fall as she gasps for breath through her nose, sweat standing out on her bare skin.

Her sweaty fingers cluth desperately at a rope, the other end of Korra’s hanging rope. Wound through her fingers, she fights to hold her numb hands tight about the rough cord.

Sweat beads Korra’s brow, dripping down into her eyes. She can’t even move her head to shake them away, but blinks desperately to clear her eyes. She looks down, as far as she can, to see the spikes beneath her, rubber vibrospikes just waiting for her to fall down upon them.

Korra whimpers, ehre eyes closing, her legs pressing together as her own vibrator buzzes away. Its tip pressed deep into her, pushing against her over-stimulated clit, it buzzes mercilessly at her, driving her helplessly higher and higher on a torturous tide of pleasure. The helpless Avatar grunts and moans into her gag, almost choking on her own hair, shuddering as she fights her losing battle against climax.

The two helkpless girls’ eyes meet one more time: what was this? A game gone wrong? A predicament some enemy placed them in/ It has been so long, neither of them truly remember any longer.

Asami whimpers, her upper body jerking, a flush rising in her pale cheeks. “MMMgh!” she cries out through her gag, her hips working, her eyes staring fearfully at Korra.

Korra moans, closoing her eyes as her lover cums, then cries out, a muiffled helpless moan as her own vibrator speeds up, buzzing louder, harder, sending its hammer-blows of pleasure through her womanhood, echoing through her body into her head where they drive away any thought but pleasure, any sight but Asami’s eyes so close to her, so close but so far beyond her reach, Korra cannot even think of reaching her.

Asami throws her head back and cries out, lines of drool trailing from the corners of her mouth, slipping out around the wide ballgag filling it. Her bound hands tremble, the rope quivering in her frail grip.

Korra’s dark eyes glance to the rope, and she moans pleadingly from her stuffed mouth, staring with wide eyes at the rope slipping through Asami’s hands. She squeels as she feels herself dip a few inches further.

Gritting her teeth around the huge ballgag, Asami tightens her grip on the rope, bringing Korra’s descent to a halt, but they both know it is only a temporary halt.

Korra trembles, her body shivering as she struggles against her own pleasure, fighting her own losing battle against her own climax; Asami cries ouit something through her gag, staring at Korra to encourage her, but Korra’s eyes are squeezed shut, her naked breasts bobbing and swaying beneath her, her tightly-bound body arched, every muscle straining as she tenses, desperate to stave off the orgasmic climax building up within her. “Mhmm!” Korra moans through the gag, her gagged voice rising from a moan to a wrodless scream of pleasure mixed with agony as she suffers through a forced orgasm.

Asami whimpers and moans as her own vibrator speeds up in response to Korra’s climax. She shudders, her bare breasts swinging, as it hammers into her pussy, its buzzing filling her, running along her nerves. “NNNN. . .” she moans, her breath coming fast.

“Mhmph!” Korra grunts, her wide eyes watching as the rope slips through Asami’s loosened fingers. She drops again, her voice rising to a gagged scream.

“Mhmm!” Asami moans, grasping at the rope; she pulls Korra to a halt, swinging madly in midair, but the raven-haired beauty shivers and moans, her vibrator pouding her with pleasure, forcing her higher and higher once again, toward yet another climax. Her pussy aches after every climax, more orgasms than she has had in a long time; Asami shakes her head in useless denial, her gagged moans rising once again as she is borne up on a tide of forced pleasure, bringing her once again closer and closer to climax. She shudders and screams, her naked body shiny with sweat, drops trailing down the curve of her back, between her asscheeks, down her long legs.

“MHMM!” Korra moans, shaking her head, but there is nothing Asami can do to resist the rising pleasure as she shivers and screams over the edge of yet one more climax.

Somehow, Asami keeps ahold of the rope, but now Korra cries out again as her own vibrator once more bursts to a higher frequency, buzzing louder and harder inside of her, pleasure mounting in her once more.
Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
So, a pretty lady, Ericka, said that she was really bored and was there anyone out there who like to roleplay a little mummification with her. Well, unfortunately, I couldn't take on a new RP, but I wrote a little somehting off the top of my head:

I'd take you by the hand, little minx, and lay you down on your bed, then take take a roll of bandages and wrap it about your ankles. I'd wrap my way up your long lean legs, puling the bandages tighter with every turn against your smooth skin.

Leaving it or a moment, I'd then take your arms and cross your wrists and wrap a few turns of bandage around them to hold them together. But of course you're overdressed, so my next move would be to grab a pair of scissors and remedy that: I'd slice through your clothes, cutting them away to bare every curve of your lean body. I'd smile as I look down at you, admiring every curve and line of you, then grab up you panties and slide them into you mouth, slapping a piece of tape over your soft lips to hold it in.

Returning to the bandage, I'd wrap your legs all the way to your hips, turn after turn of tight bandage covering over your fair skin.

I'd wrap the bandage around your wide hips, and over your tight ass and tight little pussy, then up around your narrow waist.

I'd have to glance up and give you a smile as I pull your wrappings higher and higher over your flat belly, and up to your pert breasts; those I'd pay special attention to, wrapping the bandage around each of your breasts; I have no doubt you'd moan and sigh as I wind the bandage around your breasts, slowly tightening the bandage around them until your breasts stand out firm and hard, the sensitive nubs of your bare nipples hard.

I'd take your folded arms and lay them across your breasts, then wrap them about with bandage to hold them in place.

I'd wrap more bandage across your shoulders and around your neck, then up across the line of your jaw. I'd stare deep into your eyes as I wrap the bandage around your head, up your cheeks, then finally across your eyes to shut off your vision.

You couldn't see, but you could certainly feel it as I wrap the bandage around the rest of your head, careful to pull in all of your hair under the bandage.

You'd certainly squirm and wiggle against your bonds, searching for some weakness, some loose turn of bandage, but all in vain: you'd probably moan through your closed mouth and lie still, knowing there is no possible escape for you.

Then you'd hear a familiar buzzing and stiffen as you hear it drawing closer. A little shiver would run over you as I lay a buzzing vibrator between your legs, pressing the tip of it into your bandage-wrapped pussy; You'd start to moan, you couldn't help yourself as the pleasure mounts, your gagged cries rising higher and higher as pleasure mounts in you, pushing you over the edge of a tremendous climax.

Pretty Ericka seemed to love it.
Will be 27 on the 17th.

My dad has lost his license again, so I am again the only licensed driver in the family, which means I'll have even less time to write anything.

That's not all, I've been getting steadily more depressed over a long while. It's about bondage, and women, and me being alone. I write to lovely ladies about what I would like to do with them if we ever get together; most seem to like it, but I never get to do them. I see Lovely ladies, I get told all the time that I'm smart, and sweet, and funny, and cute, and yet I'm still alone and lonely.

I rant and rave and vent; there's no need for any of you to pay attention.


John Mahler
I am a 'serious' writer, trying to get my serious work published. I also like to write pornography, particularly BDSM.

Well, some people watch my other account for the porn, while others watch me for my 'serious' literature, so I decided to make this new account for my porn.

I do commissions, trades, and requests(if I think they're interesting).

Current Residence: Israel
Favourite genre of music: Practically Anything
MP3 player of choice: iPod mini
Shell of choice: Conch
Skin of choice: Freckled
Will be 27 on the 17th.

My dad has lost his license again, so I am again the only licensed driver in the family, which means I'll have even less time to write anything.

That's not all, I've been getting steadily more depressed over a long while. It's about bondage, and women, and me being alone. I write to lovely ladies about what I would like to do with them if we ever get together; most seem to like it, but I never get to do them. I see Lovely ladies, I get told all the time that I'm smart, and sweet, and funny, and cute, and yet I'm still alone and lonely.

I rant and rave and vent; there's no need for any of you to pay attention.

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