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May 10, 2011
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A hogtie, is any tie in which the hands and feet of the captive are joined by a piece of rope, a strap, a piece of tape,  chains, etc.

In a hogtie, the captive's hands are usually bound behind their back, but not always.

A person hogtied is usually hogtied while lying on their belly, a person can be hogtied while kneeling; that is called a 'standing hogtie,' a person who is hogtied may be rolled onto their side; this is usually more comfortable long-term for the captive.

Here are a few simple hogties:

Simple hogtie:

Take a piece of rope, at least three feet/one meter long(the longer the rope, the more comfortable the captive); form a loop in both ends. Put Captive's hands through one loop, and feet through the other.

Pros: simple, quick, can be done for oneself, and relatively easy to escape from in an emergency(good for self-bondage).

Cons: easy to escape from, loops can tighten and cut off circulation.

Three-Piece Hogtie:

Requires three pieces of rope, two about three feet(one meter) long, one at least as long, possibly longer.

Bring captive's hands behind back, then take rope, about three feet long: hold one end, and wrap the rope loosely around captive's wrists; when there is little left, tie ends of rope together.

Ask captive if all is well, if answer is yes, repeat with rope around captive's ankles.

Take remaining rope, and pass one end between captive's wrists, and tie it around the loose rope: this will tighten the loops, so make sure the captive is comfortable.

Take free end of rope and repeat procedure at the captive's ankles.

Pros: the loops around wrists and ankles will be more comfortable then a single loop and probably will not cut off circulation, the severity of the hogtie can be adjusted by using a longer or shorter rope to tie the captive's wrists and ankles together.

Cons: cannot be done on oneself(no self-bondage), is difficult to remove quickly: keep a pair of scisssors handy in case of emergency.


Like a three-piece hogtie, except:

Requires additional rope, at least nine feet(three meters) long.

Wrap additional rope around captive's chest and upper arms, over and under captives breasts(if captive has them); rope may be passed between breasts diagonally, over captive's shoulders, or around the back of captive's neck; experiment with what you and captive like(this called a 'chest harness', if you hadn't heard that term before).

Rather than tie the hogrope to captive's wrists, attach one end to captive's ankles, and the other end to the back of the chest rope.

Pros: puts less tension on the arms and shoulders of the captive, many people like the look of the chest harness, some people like the feel of it too.

Cons: if the chest harness is tied too tightly, it can cause discomfort or even pain to the captive.

A Box-Tie Hogtie

Requires three pieces of rope: two about two feet(2/3 meter) long, one about four-six feet(1 1/2-2 meters) long.

Pull captive's arms behind back, and pull their forearms parallel to each other, so each hand is against the other arm's elbow.

Take the two shorter pieces of rope and tie each hand to the opposite elbow.

Take the longer piece of rope and tie one end about the captive's ankles.

Tie the other end around the captive's forearms.

Pros: generally a very comfortable tie, and difficult to escape from.

Cons: not possible for self-bondage, difficult to escape from so have a pair of scissors handy in case of emergency.

A Handcuff Hogtie

Requires three or two pairs of handcuffs.

Use one pair of handcuffs to tie captive's hands together.

Take second pair of handcuffs and use them on captive's feet.

Take third pair of handcuffs and close one cuff around the first handcuff chain, then close the other cuff around the second handcuff chain.

Variant: rather than using a third handcuff, you can pass the second handcuff's chain around the first handcuff's chain, but  this is more severe, so I suggest you

Pros: quick, easy to set up, can be easily done in self-bondage.

Cons: the use of metal cuffs can cause serious abrasions especially if worn for long periods; escape can be impossible without a key, so if you do it as self-bondage always have multiple release methods set up.

NEVER NEVER NEVER leave a person alone tied up.
An example of a three-piece hogtie: [link]

Examples of a Torso-Hogtie: [link] , [link]

A young lady asked if anyone could show her husband how to hogtie her, and I offered to write a little something. I hope it is helpful.

If you have any suggestions to make, please do. If you know of any pictures, showing any of these types of hogties, please give me a link.
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Dickyboy13 Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2014
Anyone want to try one of them ties on me only to see if I can escape
TOMCAVANAUGH Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2013  Professional Writer
Well done... thanks!
pornwriter Featured By Owner Mar 24, 2013
You're welcome!
Fallen-Akari Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2013
Very informative, Hope to be able to try it some day on someone.
pornwriter Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2013
Thanks, me too! :D
Strette Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Never, ever use self-tightening slip knots on a person (self or another). It is not worth the risk. Even in the best case, things can start to go wrong in only a few minutes.

As Knottysilkscarf advised, one may use handcuffs for self bondage. A more comfortable alternative is to use leather cuffs that may then be locked together (padlock, snap hook, or what have you).

When tying someone else, use cuffs or learn to tie a proper knot.
pornwriter Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2012
Thank you.
Strette Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
Very good descriptions, by the way!
ZifoG Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2012  Hobbyist Interface Designer
Are you going to do this as a series? Great idea!

If you do that though, might you be able to add pictures into the text?
pornwriter Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2012
I was not thinking of doing a series, though that is an idea.

If I do that, I could not add pictures into the text, due to the say Deviantart is set up.
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